Monday, July 11, 2005

In Jogyakarta

Sawadika ! This is the Stallion reporting you live from the Inna Garuda hotel in Jogyakarta (or Jogja) with an ancient Pentium III computer running Windows 98. I was gonna plug in my camera and upload pictures for ya but it ain't possible with Windows 98.

Firstly, it was a pretty traumatic flight. I had to take a connecting flight in Jakarta from Singapore, but the problem was when I reached Jakarta it was 7:30, my flight to Jogja as at 8. I had to re-check in with my luggage and by the time I got my luggage it was like 7:50. By that time they were already calling for all remaining passengers so I started to panic and ran around looking for the departure hall, but I couldn't find it.

So there I was, all alone and scared in Jakarta and about to miss my flight; it was all too much for me and I began to realise that my eyes were starting to water. But thanks to God's grace I was saved, this nice Indonesian woman who saw me sobbing at one corner, and she took me to the departure hall. I was thinking about how nice she was to help me till she asked me for money. Gave her Singapore 2 dollars and rushed in. The rest I will not go into detail here, but think of Amazing Race and how they run around in the airport and you get the general picture. I was so late they didn't even allow me to check in my huge ass luggage, I had to bring it to the plane. But yeah I finally managed to catch it.

But that was the only glitch, been having a great time so far. Yesterday visited the world's biggest Buddhist temple, the one I talked about in my previous post. It's pretty amazing. The entire temple is made up of volcanic bricks stacked up against each other, without any cement or anything to hold them together. Which means you can actually push the bricks and it will move. And the amazing thing is the volcano is like 3 or 4 kilometers away so you can imagine the effort needed to move the rocks for such a huge temple.

Another amazing thing is the buddha statues. The lower part of the temple are full of buddha statues. As you go higher up , they are enclosed in a dome with little openings in them. Finally when you reach up to the top, there is a single huge Buddha statue that is completely enclosed, as you can't even see it. The significance, according to a friend of mine, is that they represent different stages of enlightenment. In the lower parts of the temple Buddha is susceptible to outside influences. In the mid-levels he is more enlightened and therefore less susceptible to outside influences (represented by the dome). Finally when he reaches enlightened he is completely blocked from any external forces. Pretty cool ain't it. Will upload pictures as soon as I find a terminal with Windows XP.

Oh guess who is staying at the same hotel as me. Yes it's Nethia. As soon as she saw me she recoiled in horror and said something about me "invading her space". Like hello, there is such a thing called coincidence. Apparently she's there on a school trip, like how was I supposed to know about that? It's not as if I would call the university she's from and enquire about the flight dates and the hotels that she would be staying at. She complained to the hotel staff , but the most they could do was to put me on a different level.

Anyway that's about it from me. I miss you all (ya right). Will probably blog in another couple of days. Right now I am heading off to the red light district flea market and see if I can get cheap stuff.


  1. glad you're having such a fab time!
    hmmm how coincidental huh..u and nethia in the same might be tempted to think that it was all planned.
    but;d never do that!
    (yea. SURE)
    anywayz im off to melbourne myself in ...10 minutes!

  2. Wow...hmm...hahaha..hope u get lucky over there bud...cheerz~

  3. PIII. Not used to the speed right? The last time I used that was a few months back. Really pain in the arse. Slow like shite!

  4. Coincidence my ass lah....

    This is all pre-planned swee swee one right? You scheming little bugger... :P

    I think you should check out of your own room and move in with Nethia lah. Imagine the money you get to save and be able use it on partying for 2.

  5. hey madman,
    for lack of anything else to say...
    You are funny. Have fun.

  6. Mahima : That's such a thing called fate.

    TY: Err ya trying but the old sleazy men here are playing hard to get.

    LLord: Yes, it's so slow that it takes a letter 5 secs to appear after i type it.

    Jaywalk: It's kinda hard to move in together considering the fact that she's practically avoiding me.

    Hearer: I am having fun. thanks love

  7. Hey Stallion!! Why don't you and Nethia just get a room and get it over with dude????