Friday, July 08, 2005

Holiday! Celebrate!

Yes one more day, and I will be in Yogyakarta. Mom is understandably apprehensive about me travelling alone. She wanted to invite her church friends over and perform a farwell mass to pray for my safety, but I managed to talk her out of it, thank God. But she did make me swear at our family altar not to go near young boys or sleazy women while I am there. Sigh, you make one mistake (fine two) in the past and they will never let you forget it. And sleazy is such a general word isn't it? What might seem sleazy to her might not be sleazy to me.

Anyway it's not only about women, I am also really looking forward to going to see Borobudur, which is apparently the largest Buddhist temple in the world. There are also a lot of other cultural and historical places of interest that I am going to check out, as well as a go karting place if it's cheap enough.

K on to other news.

Read a very interesting article on Live 8 which I really have to agree with. Did that concert really help anyone besides those who performed (by giving them a whole lot of free publicity) ?

Oh and if you ever heard the album Frances the Mute by prog band Mars Volta, read this extremely funny review. Hey I love them to death, but they did go a little overboard on that album, even for that genre.


  1. hey dude..
    been following your blog for a while now.that would mean 2 days. Funny stuff.

  2. ok this is with respect to the previous entry..
    berty not jealous of your new funky shiny jeans..
    im just looking out for ure best how're u supposed to make new friends (read 'score'), when the light reflecting off ure jeans makes them turn away?

    anyhoo..have fun in yogyakarta! may you return as a *ahem* man (for real, this time bert):P

  3. Look on the bright dude, by making you swear at the family altar not to go near young boys or sleazy women...

    it has given you free access to young girls and sleazy men.

    Ahh.. the loophole and the fine prints.....

    no wonder all lawyers are going to hell.... hahahah

  4. Have you listened to Frances the Mute the Song itself? It's pretty good.

    Look for old/matured 'boys' instead.

  5. have a good trip (and maybe a bride back?)!

  6. have a nice trip and a safe journey! i miss travelling. sigh. and no, shuttling between singapore and perth for purely academic purposes does not count.

  7. Enjoy yourself, and update soon k! :)

  8. mama always said that sleazy is as sleazy does. ;)

  9. Hearer : Thanks love, compliments are always appreciated.

    Mahima : Jealousy is an ugly thing, but denial is an uglier thing.

    Jaywalk : Hmm never thought of it that way. Older men here are pretty good looking to be honest.

    CJ: Yeah I have the album. I am a huge fan (since ATDI days).

    Inex: No, it hurts too much, especially after the last 2 encounters.

    Diana: Thanks love I am enjoying it so far.

    Apple: Thanks and updating soon.

    Dawn : Ha she must be a huge fan of Forrest. Forrest Gump.