Friday, July 29, 2005

An encounter with an older woman

I was walking back home a couple days ago when I noticed this rather mature woman staring at me. Yup it's pretty strange but ever since I got my facial I been getting looks from more people, especially cute Indian waiters and older women. But still it was nice to be ogled at (wonder why women complain about this all the time), even if the ogling isn't from my preferred demographic.

So I kept walking and I noticed the woman picking up speed as if trying to catch up to me. I started to get a little worried, what if she turned out to be some acid throwing stalker? So I instinctively covered my face with my right hand and walked faster, but her footsteps also quickened. Then suddenly I heard my name being called. I turned around and realized that she was the Indian lady from the adjacent block, we exchange pleasantries once in a while (it's an Indian thing to acknowledge each other even if you don't know each other) but that's it.

Me: Hi Auntie. What's up?
Auntie: Been looking for you. Would you come to my house ....and....and check on my daughter's computer? It's down.

I looked into her eyes, and immediately we both knew that was not all she wanted me to do.

Me: So...Is that what they are calling IT nowadays?
Auntie: Sorry?

Ah she was playing coy. I started pondering, it has been a while since I got some. And she wasn't really that bad looking. Alright you know what, looks don't really matter to me anymore. Like they say, desperate people do desperate things.

Me: Alright, I will play your little game. Let's go back to your place.
Auntie : Errr..ok..thanks.

So she lead me to her apartment. She told me to head into her daughter's room while she fixed me a drink. I thought it was a bit disturbing to do it in her daughter's room but hey, whatever rocks her boat. So I went in and sat on the bed.

A couple minutes later she came in with my drink and ..switched on the PC.

Auntie: See? The damn thing doesn't boot up! Err why are you sitting on my daughter's bed?

K alright so I made a mistake. But it was an honest one, how was I supposed to know that she really wanted me to fix her daughter's computer?


  1. I don't blame you.
    Someone once told me. "Everyone needs servicing once in a while."

  2. gosh... you haven't been getting it for quite awhile right? haha

  3. hey...dont give up hope!
    for some women, watching a man fix a PC is like foreplay.

    (but dont take my word for it)

  4. LOL. No one appreciates a good facial like cute Indian waiters and older women.

  5. i'm so sorry. hope you "get some" next time... :)

    I have some swingers I can pass on to you if you're interested.

  6. Luckily u did not undress yourself...wonder wat will happen if u did that? :)

  7. I actually thought she is trying to fix you up with her daughter -____-"

  8. Deh, u are so cheap and horny.