Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 5 in Jogja

Despite my mostly enjoyable stay at the Hotel Inna Garuda I have one really huge complaint when it comes to security and it pissed me off pretty badly.

I have administrator privileges on this computer that I am typing on right. Yes, ADMINISTRATOR privileges, can you believe that? Neither could I at first, so you can imagine how shocked I was when I realized it. It basically means I can trash the whole computer and no one would be able to stop me. Or even worse, I could write a virus and screw the whole machine up.

Proper IT practice dictates that a guest account should be created for normal users so that they will not be able to compromise the system, accidentally or otherwise. It's just amazing how these people can let something like this happen. I tried telling the hotel staff about their huge security breach but they just looked back at me with blank stares, they were like blind sheep unable to see the huge chasm in front of them despite my rantings.

So I did what little I could. I updated their virus scan files. Also installed Java on the computer. All this on a slow as hell connection mind you. Fine I installed Java because I needed a way to check my bank account online but seriously it's insane not to have Java on any machine, my colleagues would probably laugh like crazy if they heard about this. I was gonna install other stuff like Ad-aware and update their Internet Explorer but I decided I had already done enough, hell they should be paying me for this.

But other than this huge security flaw the hotel is pretty reasonable, so don't let my experience dissuade you from staying here.

Oh went to this club called Hugo yesterday night, but didn't have a great time. You know, there are times when I wish I was a girl. This was one of them. It was ladies night and they were handing out free tequila shots to women all night around, and despite my attempts at trying to convince the bartender that I was a really good looking butch he didn't buy it. Damn my manly looks. And drinks here are really expensive, we are talking ten bucks a glass. I had a double shot of bourbon and it cost me 20 dollars.

Yup so didn't have as much fun as I could have if I got a little wasted. The thing about me is I dance like a prick if I ain't high. Fine I dance like a prick as well when I am high but at least I would be too wasted to care.

Alrighty then , hope you people are having fun working while I am holidaying here. Over and out. Going shopping for underwear now, I realized I only brought 4 pairs.

Here's the stallion, reporting from Jogja.
That's in Indonesia, from Singapore it ain't that far.
It was ladies night at Hugo, they were handing out free tequilas.
I stood there all sober while ladies all around me got high real fast.
Drinks were pretty ex, it was 10 dollars a pop
I am kinda broke right now, otherwise I would have kept on drinking, I wouldn't stop.

Fine that was a sucky rhyme but I ain't got time to think of a nice one. Later.


  1. hey stallion,
    me technically challenged so could not understand the Java stuff but since am in a mood to flatter you, i'll say you must be right about their security systems.
    And yo! not only for the tequila shots, it is awesome to be a woman.
    hope you have an awesome time.

  2. what does a prick dance like?

    I want video.

  3. I'm surprised you didn't install tomcat or xml editor in it.

  4. The Stallion doing the rap.

    Ya, show some videos of what prick dance look like.

  5. I am surprised you checked your bank account after knowing that everyone has adminstrator rights. There coulda been some keystroke reader installed mate.

  6. Hearer : Ha I am having a good time. Yes I am right of course.

    Dawn And Lancer: Pray that you will never find out what a dancing prick looks like.

    Milktea : Oh I wanted to but the connection was really slow. Downloading Java already took me like 40 minutes.

    Aberwyn: Crap you know what you are right. But yeah had to settle my credit card bill so I had no choice.
    Think I will change the password now.