Sunday, July 03, 2005

Damm you army

I had been notified 6 months earlier that I would be undergoing 1 week of reservist army training for the week of July 4th so I have been training hard to prepare for it. Really hard. Been watching movies like Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Army Girls Gone Wild and whatever army movie I could find to psyche myself up. I also been leopard-crawling and marching around my house, all so that I would be ready when the training starts.

But yesterday all my efforts came to naught. A lady from my unit's HQ department called me to inform me that I don't have to attend the reservist training because I had to go for another pre-requisite course first. I asked her why she waited till 2 days before the training to inform me. She started laughing hysterically for the longest time, and then said "Don't you know how the army works, fool? Do you even need to ask?"

So that's that. I have to wait till November to go for that course. Kinda disappointed because I was really looking forward to it, to taking orders from people on an ego trip, to eating crappy canteen food, to sleeping with 20 other men in the same room, to wearing my old uniform which looks more like a tank top thanks to my bigger ...err..muscles.

Damn you army.


  1. Dude,

    You shouldn't have gone to CMPB in full drag complete with the push up bra on. Normally, in my opinion, it also works out better if they don't get to see you with make up on.

  2. Seldom hear of such c0ck-ups that cancels training. Mostly hear of last minute being informed of training and last minute increase the number of days of in-camp.

    Come November, you can get to watch BoB and Saving Private Ryan again. :)

  3. That was really funny. *grins* Hahaha i appreciate your darker-than-pitch humour anytime.

  4. Vidkid : Ah so you were the kid in drag I saw that time. Sorry ah but I didn't do the same, don't assume! :)

    LancerLord : Well I have a highly classified role (im serious) so I need to go for the training first. I cant do my role unless I go for it so no point going for the exercise.

    Apple : Thanks love, my self-esteem took a major blow after the words of that meanie. Such a nice apple you are, I really would love to eat you.