Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Can't wait till Saturday

Yes I'm off for a well-deserved holiday in Indonesia, will be going to Jogyakarta for a week. Work has been really sucky for a while now, and I been spending the whole week compiling applications for Solaris 10 x86, which is much less fun than it sounds.

But before I go to Indonesia I just wanna say thanks to everyone who supported me during the really tough period I went through a week ago. Yes some mean anonymous guy hurt my feelings by telling me that he didn't find me funny, that I was " adolescent, derivative" and didn't have a "good turn of phrase".

It really affected me in a bad manner, more than I would care to admit. The truth is I actually have pretty low self-esteem, and there are few things about myself that I am proud of - there's my 50 inch dick, my boyish good looks and my sense of humor ...and that's about it. So it upsets me when someone demeans one of those qualities. It got to a point where I even contemplated stopping this blog.

But with the support of my friends, family and readers I managed to overcome this ordeal and I am stronger for it. So I just wanna thank you people out there for your support, you gave me strength with your kind words and encouragement, even if I don't know most of you in person. And if there is anything I can do to help you in return just say the word (priority given to hot chicks).

God bless you all.


  1. dude, if you are serious in everything that you write, you ARE a childish dick! but I don't believe that at all. I think you write what you do because it's funny. and that choad can bite the 50 inch big 'un. ;)

  2. i aint no hot chick so i dont care abt the length of your epenis or your boyish looks. But well, you can sure help us all by logging in everyday from indonesia to post something like how much you miss your mum, to continue entertaining us. :)

  3. fuck me, you've got a 50'' one?!

    (not literally though)

  4. haha aww gilbert, dont mind that ass...ure crazy funny, altho i do get a bit scared by you sometimes...u and ure 50inch thing.
    yea its a THING.

    anyway have fun in indonesia!

  5. btw..what the hell does 'good turn of phrase' mean?

  6. i'm truly sorry. but don't let one anonymous comment break the hearts of your many readers, dearie. keep on writing.

  7. Hey, I heard that place is really nice. Sells very nice wooden carvings.

    Don't care what other people say lah.

  8. Dawn: Eh tu Dawnie? I write only the truth, how dare you imply otherwise. I thought you were a friend .....I know now that I was gravely mistaken.

    Aberwyn: Wah you think i got no life is it, go holiday also blog. K I probably will to be honest.

    Keith: Ya you don't remember my sex story a couple weeks ago? I already mentioned that time.

    Mahima: Why do I scare you my little honey bunny? And well I don't know what turn of phrase means as well, thats probably why mine is bad?

    Milktea: Ha so my threat to end my blog in order to get attention and pity has worked.

    FF: Ya I heard they have some really beautiful ones. But I doubt I can find anything in Indonesia as beautiful as you.

  9. Aiyah, that sorta fella can't change anything about himself thats why he tries to make you feel little. But you are not. No way, you are far from little.

  10. Ay, i pasted the wrong link.. I'm not Airhole yea!

  11. oh! yeah, yeah, yeah!

    that's right...

    everything we read here is true.

    OK. ;)

  12. I'd bet you'd swing by Jakarta to look for Nethia, won't you?

  13. Dawn : Slightly exaggerated maybe, but all true.

    Apple: Hmm yes I am not little....but how come you so sure...wait are you that gal I met at that club during Halloween night where I was dressed as a horse, the one with whom I had a night of passionate anonymous sex?

    Jaywalk : Oh she's there? I didn't know! What a coincidence!