Sunday, June 19, 2005

Slipknot is coming to Singapore!

I can't believe it. This is amazing news, finally a half decent band comes to Singapore to play. Tickets are at 100 dollars, a little pricey but what the hell it will probably be worth it.

Anyone else interested in going?


  1. Slipknot? No idea what or who is it. Ahhh...who cares.

  2. I don't like you anymore Bertie. I hope you don't get tickets to Slipknot and you're stuck listening to the new Backsteet Boys album for all eternity. Hmph!

  3. Thank you!!!!
    I just read your last few posts and had to stuff my fist into my mouth in fear of bursting with laughter and ending up rolling on the floor. Not glam, not glam... But you cheered me up. Now I can face the horror of going to work without wanting to accidentally murder anyone whilst I'm at it. - yammys

  4. I'll pass. I don't like their music.

  5. I wanna goooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me at FINALLY someone who;s keen as well :)

  6. Sbastard and Amanda: See next post.

    Princess: Whats up your ass ? :)

    Yammy: Ah anytime love, thats what friends are for.

    Zenith: Oh well suck then !!! Kidding ah.

    Anonymous: 16th August. Click the title of the post to find out more.

    Anonymous 2: Your email addy seems suspiciously fake.