Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I want a date

Was reading in Digital Life (it's an ultra hip IT newsletter) about bloggers advertising for a potential date on their blogs. Most people would find such people sad and pathetic for resorting to online means to get a date, but not me. To me it's just another avenue to meet people, there ain't nothing wrong with that. So what the hell, I shall give it a go as well.

"Date the Stallion" pre-requisites in order of priority:

  1. You should wear a low cut top and be flattered when I ogle at it.

  2. You have to address me as "Stallion".

  3. You have to say at least one of the following phrases at least once during the date:

    1. "Screw this dinner, I am craving horse meat. NOW."
    2. "I always wanted to ride a horse. Maybe today I will get the chance."
    3. "Can you show me why they call you the Stallion?"

  4. You should appear to be fascinated by my stories about my company's servers, especially my most popular story, about how a server once got so overheated that it almost caught on fire. Alright fine, you should just not yawn or fall asleep on the table as I tell them, that will be sufficient.

  5. You should answer "You" emphatically if I ask you anytime during the date 'who's your daddy'.

  6. You should find it cute if my Tourette's syndrome kicks in and causes my hand to touch any RANDOM part of your body.

  7. You should find it cute if I talk with my mouth full and a piece of meat falls on your arm.

  8. You should find it cute if I meet you drunk as hell (hey you try dealing with alcoholism). Oh and you should also find it cute if I start cursing you in Tamil and then proceed to beat the crap outta ya.

  9. If we go clubbing, you should not move too far away to appreciate my robot dance moves because it would seem like you are pretending not to know me. It would be cool if you try and mimic them as well. Robot couple dances are the coolest, although I never manage to find someone who wanted to do it with me because they always tell me they don't have the confidence to pull it off as well as I do.

  10. You should find it cute if I say "I love you" on our first date, while staring at your boobs.

Well that's about it. 10 simple pre-requisites. Email me if you interested alright. Only serious applicants need apply.


  1. i can see you are not too picky and not too demanding. hehe

  2. You accept males with b00bs and wearing low cut top or not? :)

    "Can you show me why they call you the Stallion?"
    Orh....now I know why you're called that.

  3. holy shit. good luck getting any applications. heh. :D

  4. Hi Madman....

    How's the responses so far?

  5. Just for the heck of it, I added you to Tomorrow.sg's Personals page. :)

  6. Hmm.. If someone does apply.. post up a picture of her. LoL~

  7. How about you pay for my sex change operation and I go out with you after that? I'll fulfil the ten conditions, I assure you.

  8. I can handle #2 and #4. The rest, I can't bring myself to do it. You are too good to be my date. Sigh...

  9. I should wear a low cut top and laugh at you loudly when you can find nothing to ogle at.

  10. Alright, wat is your email add? I NEED someone who can hit that spot I call G.

  11. Alright, wat is your email add? I NEED someone who can hit that spot I call G.

  12. Dearie,
    I'll let you stare at my cleavage, I'll pretend to be so interested in your career, I'll fake fascination with what's inside your pants and do a good O scream if the occasion arises, I'll cling on to you as a girl would a greek god, I'll be your little submissive slave (which is basically what you're asking for)
    Go sleep with me in mind tonight, and I'll be doing all that in your dreams.
    Lol... sorry Stallion, your pre-requisites are for a gal who doesn't exist. :X

  13. Anoy: Yes I actually took some time to whittle down my original list of 50 pre-reqs cos it seemed a bit too demanding.

    Lancerlord and SBastard : No thanks I don't swing that way. Anymore. Why else did u think they called me the Stallion!

    Zhi Yang: Yes I know what you mean, those sporean women .....so picky.

    Angel : Not good.

    Daryl: Thanks, appreciate it.

    Zenith : Cheh im a gentleman ok I won't do that.

    Frankie: Sorry dumb chicks are out, you are supposed to email me.

    ThugChic: Well im sorry but thanks for taking part.

    Anony 2: It's in my blogger profile.

    SG Fairy: Well fairies don't exist either! K what was my point..?

  14. Now there, you are assuming fairies don't exist.

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