Friday, June 17, 2005

A Blogger's Privacy

I have always guarded with much fervor my real identity. I don't do the whole blogger meetups thing, and I am pretty selective about the people I meet (they have to be really hot) due to the danger of my real identity being exposed in public. You might be wondering why I am so paranoid, after all what could be the worst that can happen if people knew who I was really was?

Well let's take Batman for example. Imagine what would happen if everyone knew his real identity. He would never be able to go out in public without being harassed by people. Even worse, his life would be in constant danger from his enemies even when he isn't in his batsuit and fighting crime.

Fine the Batman analogy was bullshit. The truth is I took some artistic nude pictures when I was a teenager. I was young and naive then, I didn't think to check his facts when he told me he was a famous photographer from Vogue. I thought he could make me famous and so I trusted him , I did whatever he wanted me to do. I trusted him so much that I didn't even question it when he asked me to wear that pink polka dot dress and put on the handcuffs. Well it turned out that he wasn't from Vogue and he proceeded to sell my pictures to gay porn websites for a shitload of money.

The pictures are now all around the internet and I can't imagine what would happen if anyone found them and realized that it was actually me. They would probably print the pictures in the local papers and then my life would be a complete hell with people debating about how immoral I was to do such a thing. I don't wanna deal with that, it would just crush me.

Anyway I have a point in bringing all this up. Recently I revealed to someone new my real identity. I did so because I felt I could trust her. The first few times I met her I was my usual wary self, I would wear this huge ass cap that covered half my face and I would only talk to her when she turned away from me. But slowly she gained my trust and I finally let her in on my real identity. If we were still continuing with the (lame) Batman analogy she had become my Robin.

But two days ago, Robin betrayed me. I was supposed to meet her for dinner, and behold my shock when she brought along a friend who till then had only known me through my blog. I scrambled for my cap in my bag as soon as I saw her but then I realized I didn't have it, mommy had sent it for laundry earlier. Damm you Mom. I had no way out, I was exposed.

It will probably be only a matter of weeks before I see my picture on the papers. I am already bracing myself for all the media publicity that will be coming, I will probably never have a another moment of privacy. Thanks Nethia. Yes thanks to you I will never trust anyone again. Batman flies solo from now. I hope it was worth it dear. Give back the Robin ring I gave you that time, you don't deserve it.


  1. Heh. Time to properly link me on your sidebar, don't you think?

    Oh, and thanks for posing for Nethia and I nude that day, we were traumatised, but at least we have a whole load of nude pics of you to seel on eBay now.

  2. so the pink polka dotted dress wearing fella was YOU..i thought u looked familiar bert. no wonder....
    HEY! link me up too dammit!
    u cant be that drunk not too!

  3. First your taste in music (backstreet boys!) and now this new revelation about the gay porn. Dude, is there something that you are trying to tell us? Don't worry, we won't judge.

  4. I almost landed in the same situation as you. You must be quite attractive. I'm not gay.

  5. They say "Once you go black, you will never go back."

    Once i have seen you with that pink polka dotted dress, i will never look at another who shows off such .. splendour ever again.

  6. Vidkid : I don't get what you are trying to get at.

    SBastard: Yes the thing pretty boys go thro. You have my sympathies.

    Twit: That's why you will never see it.

  7. Sheena : Don't lie I still had my underwear on, it was not nude.