Thursday, June 30, 2005


Went to watch Batman with 2 gal friends a couple weeks ago, I was kinda hoping they would get frightened by the Dark Knight and grab on to me during the movie but no such luck. I throughly enjoyed the movie, it was the best Batman movie since the first one and miles ahead of the crap that was Batman and Robin. I was looking forward to discussing the movie with my 2 gal friends during dinner.

Instead the first thing they "discussed" as soon as we left the cinema was how huge Christian Bale's biceps were during the bedroom scene and how hot he looked while doing his push-ups. I stared at them disapprovingly. Fine, so his biceps were impressively huge, and yes I did find myself wishing I was lying below him while he did his push-ups (but only for a fleeting moment), but that's not the main point of the movie!

I wanted to discuss the dark, serious tone of the movie as compared to the cartoony feel of the last two. Or whether Michael Keaton was better than Bale in the batsuit. But yeah instead we ended up discussing his biceps in great detail and how cute he was. Fun.

Oh Blogger now supports uploading of images directly. Gotta try it out soon.


  1. your rant reminds me of a time when I and some colleagues were assigned to attend an EJB whatever training. I assume you have an idea what EJB is.

    The entire week we were actually talking about the cute instructor and how he carries himself so well and he has good taste with clothes. hehe

  2. Yay, u can post yr pics soon then? hehehehe~

  3. mt: Women. Sigh. Always so superficial and ignoring the person inside.

    Sari: Aiyah I quite ugly one, you don't wanna see.

  4. yeah, agree with on the batman and robin movie. something disturbingly homoerotic about that one. especially the close up shot of their butt. bleah...

  5. I'm excited to see how Bale looks when he's not starved to death like he is in the Machinist.

  6. Dawn: He ain't really that good looking in my opinion. But yeah he has this really dark mysterious air about him that just makes you go all weak in the knees when he stares at you....err that's what I heard at least .

    Vidkid : Ya sia I still remember the butt shot. Thank god they are gone for good. Both the butt shots and Clooney and Chris O Donnell.