Sunday, May 08, 2005

There is more to life than sex

I am getting disappointed with my readers. My last entry about porn got so many comments. Contrast that to the far less comments on my more educational entries, for example the one about teenagers spending recklessly on clothes. Do you see a pattern here?

Yup sex sells. And I don't like it. I see an increase in bloggers writing about their sexual escapades and I don't like it! No it's not because I ain't been getting any, but I just feel that the act of procreation is something sacred that should be kept private between the 2 (or more) parties involved, and not displayed on a webpage for everyone to see. Call me old fashioned but that's my view.

Having said all that, my mom used to tell me that if you can't beat them, join them. So I shall now give you readers an account of my last sexual experience. Enjoy.

He stared at her from across the room. She turned around, feeling embarrassed by his intense stare on her voluptuous body. Suddenly without warning he galloped across to her side. She was taken by surprise. She felt herself thrown to the bed by his hands. His hands, they were such strong hands. Hands only an IT professional possesses. Those hands then unbuttoned and removed her clothes before she even realized it. His dexterity was not surprising considering his years of online gaming experience.

Barely a minute later she felt his 50-inch member enter her. There was no such word as foreplay in his book of love. He didn't need it, it was but a hindrance to him. He knew she didn't either.

It was all over in 5 minutes. He dismounted, feeling pleased with himself. She didn't nickname him Quickdraw for nothing. He was sure she was more than satisfied as well. She always told him so. He started to put on his clothes again.

He left the seventy dollars on her dresser, just like he does every week. He was about to leave, but then he paused. He took out his wallet and fished out another 2 dollars and threw it at her.

Her : Wow what a tip! What's that for stud?
Him : Just feeling generous today. You deserve a treat Candy, buy yourself something nice with it.
Her : You were always my favourite, ya know. No one does it like you.
Him : Flattery will get you nowhere. I ain't that generous. See ya next week.

And with that he walked out of the room, smiling.


  1. walau hhahahahahahahahahhahaha

  2. the sex befits your name, stallion.

    sex is evil,
    evil is sin
    sin is forgiven
    so sex is in.

  3. I just discovered your blog today and it just so happened that you were discussing about porn that I left comment. Please don't include me in your disappointment list. LOL.

    but surely, I enjoyed this entry of yours. :)

  4. your story was so intense...yet passionate. ;)

  5. So realistic. So intense. So expensive.

  6. Candy costs $70?! And 50 inches Indian Stallion? You never told me!! I would love to ..... tie your member into the most splendid.... ribbon.

  7. Im so sure u aint getting any~! Hahahaha... you can pretty much work as a cyber sex guy though~ ooops. *mich

  8. Sfirst : Err not very elequoent are we?

    Keith: Yep thats how I got my nick.

    Milktea: K fine I will exempt you from the list if you send me a sexy pic of yourself. But thanks for the compliment.

    Dawn: Yes my name is synonomous with passion.

    SBastard: K lah , if you want good stuff you must be willing to pay.

    Twit: Just tell me the time and place dearie.

    Anonymous: Ah the things people dare to say behind a veil of anonymity.

  9. My my..i had no idea gargantua was this huge...u should erect a statue for it..pun intended :p

  10. From now on I will only refer to you as Mr Tripod.

  11. while, just as TT took a break, you fill in as sex-blogger for the moment.

    good timing dude.

  12. 50 inches?!?!:S
    u must have a real BIG problem buying pants.

  13. Cheeky : With difficulty.

    Ambiga : Oh come on it's no big deal really.

    Mint : Hey who told u my nickname ?

    Inex: Ha its a one time thing only though.

    Mahima: Yeah how about next time you help me shop for some?

  14. That was intense..Im sweating