Friday, May 06, 2005

Stop judging people

The problem with the blogging community as far as I am concerned is the fact that they tend to be too eager to judge others.

Yes I know some of you out there think I'm this huge perv just because of the stuff I blog about. You people, so quick to condemn without looking at yourselves in the mirror first. Alright so I AM a huge perv but that's not the point. The point is thou shall not judge for only a judge has the right to do the judging thing and finally deliver judgment on the person to be judged. Or something like that. Me, I don't do any of that judging stuff unless the person is evil, for I abhor evil people. Oh and evil kittens as well.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I was reading a friend's blog and it upset me. It upset me that she was so quick to lay scorn on someone who was only trying to do her a favor. Basically this very kind (and handsome) Indian friend passed her some CDs that she has always looking for. Upon reaching home she realized that there was a Japanese porn CD in one of the jewel cases. Immediately she started blogging and condemning that poor guy friend, sullying his good name.

I am upset because if she had only asked that friend before she blogged about it, she would have known the true story. That he was in fact helping to store the VCD for another friend who had run out of VCD storage space. Yes he was such a true friend that despite his hatred of Japanese porn involving chicks with ponytails he still accepted the VCD, albeit reluctantly. He then hid the VCD where he knew his mom would never find it, which was in one of his music CD jewel cases. He never even watched it not even once. Well he tried testing it out once to make sure the VCD was working but it didn't play.

I hope this tells you that sometimes things are not as obvious as they first appear to be. So next time before you start typing out an entry to condemm someone else, just be sure that you do know the whole story first.


  1. Hey if he doesn't want it and she doesn't want it, can i have it?

  2. i don't get it? whats so evil about porn?. i dig guys who watch porn and i hate this holier than thou attitude

  3. whatever it is, i "choped" the porno first. nobody else is allowed to have it. ok?

  4. ashanka: that is NOT the point. the point is that indian stallion claims to abhor porn and yet indulges in them. that is what we call hypocrisy. i just feel the need to educate the public that we should not be too trusting- what seems to be a mama's boy might be a bad bad tyrant in disguise. =)

    mr royal arm.. erm dildo: sure, except that it doesnt play because of the unidentified white white spots at the back of the cd surface. god knows what they are.

  5. im a woman not a man. don't assume i'm a guy just cos i like porn *rolls eyes* are you gonna judge me now?

  6. oh by the way geeky jade - indian stallion prob pretends to abhor porn cos it's in the indian culture to come across as goody goody as possible. most indian men / indian women i know will never admit to liking sex cos indian culture deems it taboo and immoral. kind of like most other asian cultures - eg malays and chinese, etc etc. except that it's in a greater intensity. don't blame him, he can't help it!

  7. lol i did realise that you're a female after i pressed the 'submit' button. why are you so protective of the stallion?? how much did he pay you??!

  8. Damn i'm too slow to read the blog!!lose one gd porn CD....anyway which guy doesn't watch porn???Any guy who does not watch porn must be damn sick in the mind if he is our age now...LoL..damn i've been watching porn since i was 13....yah i know i was a slow starter but wat the heck!

  9. Ppl actually think that u do not support porn???Now thatz a joke by itself~ is gd.

  10. actually i'm not defending the stallion. i'm defending the entire porn watching population of singapore. esp those who dare to admit they watch porno. hahaha but seriously most of my male indian friends hate jap porn so indian stallion might be speaking the truth after all. give him the benefit of the doubt la. he is your friend after all so you should know him better. not me. i'm just a porn obsessed woman eyeing some jap porno.

  11. Not that I watch jap porn or any other porn for that matter, but what type is it? Bukkake or Hentai? And where can I get the torrent feed for this...?

  12. iStallion,

    I am beginning to suspect if the accident was a genuine mistake.

    For all you know, you purposely left it inside? Yes? No?

  13. The Stallion ROCKS!!!

  14. this is a great blog! cheers yo!

  15. hey you
    yessireee i have become part of the blogging community
    and yes sir, being inspired by you was part of the reason!
    cheers! =D

  16. Th stallion, as he has explained over and over again in his previous entries, abhors porn since he is a messenger of God[i think]. And in order to destroy all evil, like porn, he needs to gather them and break into pieces[or which ever way he prefers].
    I suspect this one cd might have been left out in his holy mission. Now that u have it, mayb u can pass back to him to make sure he can continue with his holy mission?

    P.s Before u destroy this evil Bert, can i have a look at it too? M training to be part of ur holy mission u see. Have to learn to identify the evils.

  17. Thugchic you are right. With calluses on hand and a box of tissues on another, he soldiers on, determined to rid this world of porn.

  18. Armadildo : Ha i have admit I thought you were a guy as well, sorry! Sure I don't want it anymore you can have it.

    Ashanka : I dig chicks who dig guys who dig porn.

    TY: thanks for the summary of your sexual history. :)

    Vidkid : I never got the hang of torrents.

    Jaywalk : Wah lao you think I so perverted purposely try to give a gal porn.

    Lindsey: yeah its pretty good ain't it. :)

    Mahima : join the queue of people who have been inspired by my humble writings.

    ThugChic : In every holy war there is some evil that will escape. It is inevitable.

    Vidkid : No need tissue, its self cleaning.

  19. burn me a copy.


  20. I found your blog from surfing. I'm really glad I found your blog.

    I think it is already a de facto that men like porn. Some are discreet some are not. geeky jade's friend should have been more careful to check the cd case first.

    But I agree with your don't judge a person part and I like how your came up with the story. :)

  21. Where on earth can you find porn VCDs in Singapore? The CD that you mentioned seems authentic.

  22. All this fuss for a porn disc that doesn't even play???

  23. Inex : It doesn't work la. Too much white stuff on it can't play properly.

    Ewok : Join the line gal.

    Milktea: Thank you dear. Yup I should have checked the CD before I gave it to her. I mean her friend.

    Sbastard : It is authentic. Damm old VCD.

    Aber: Yes thats whats wrong with the society today. See my rant on the next post.