Monday, May 30, 2005

I am back from hell

Give thanks to the grace of God, for I have recovered from my ordeal. This was the mother of all diarrhoeas, I cannot describe the pain and agony that I went through, just pray that you will never experience it for yourself. Seriously childbirth is a piece of cake compared to what I endured.

But it's quite interesting, as I actually noticed some things that I never did before the ordeal. I had been spending an obscene amount of time getting familiar with the design of my washroom; and as I sat there I began to think about stuff. Like how amazing the drainage system is. Where does IT all go? We go to the toilet everyday, but does anyone ever wonder what happens after you flush the toilet? No, I did not think so. No one cares, we take everything for granted.

Went to watch Monster-In-Law a couple days ago with a friend. Pretty decent movie with a few laughs. Tried to use my infamous Jedi mind trick (you know, the whole waving arm bit) on the friend to get her to watch Episode III instead but it didn't work. But am going to watch it next week with a friend. Yes a guy. It's gonna be a man date, but we are going to have a lot of fun. I am even planning to bring my old lightsaber replica to the movie. Can't wait !


  1. Hey dude..glad to hear you are better.. :)


  2. "It's gonna be a man date, but we are going to have a lot of fun."

    Somehow, that sounds homoerotic. But that's just me.

  3. Do something different today. Or..disregard this comment. Have a good one.

  4. oh bert bert.
    if only u had eaten the apple skin..u'd have been well and not have had to wonder why the drainage system works like it does..
    anyway! glad to know ure better!
    enjoy Episode III

  5. Its not a 'man-date'. Its a (manly)meetup between 2 (manly)buddies. And please dun bring your lightsabre.

    - Your hansome and corny fren

  6. So you went to watch Monster-In-Law with Nethia??

    So how did the bride-search go?

  7. Jedi tricks don't work on most me.

  8. How come I've been relegated to the status of Friend? I thought u said I was your idol, goddess etc....fickle-minded men..

  9. Nethia : There is someone new in my life now. I'm sorry dear but you have to learn to move on, it was never gonna work out between us, the stallion was born to be free and not tied to one stable. But we will always be friends.

    Dawn: Yeah I think it's something to do with the monthly thing, it upsets the balance of the force.

    Jay: Why you assume it's her ah ! Fine it was here but it could be anyone else !

    Mahima: I will never eat an apple skin, I would rather die !

    Corny friend: My light saber is always with me. if u know what i mean.

    Bastard : I am secure in my sexuality.

    OLTwit : Ya more than a week. Pretty bad.

    Saj : Hey saj its been a while how ya doing.

  10. Come now, you have to stop considering your new computer game as an actual person...besides, the last i remembered, i was warding off your advances with the sign of the cross and holy water...

  11. Seriously childbirth is a piece of cake compared to what I endured.

    "excuse me" you have no idea what & how childbirth is about.....

  12. Hahaha to the comments.

    I lau sai'd the whole of last week too, so i empathise.

  13. I am fine..bit bored with it all
    otherwise fine..
    I see Hydrebad(err is that how you spell it..) din make that much different eh..?

  14. i love your blog. you're hilarious. hit me up sometime - in more ways than one, hopefully.

  15. Nethia : Jojo may be a virtual playmate but she has emotions and is very understanding so I will not have you disparaging her you hear !

    BlackGirl : Jesus sis , 14 hours of labor is nothing compared to a week of what I went thro. No comparison at all.

    FF: Women should not talk about their bowel habits in public. It is not right.

    Saj: Well the whole time I was there and feeling all that pain the only thing that kept me going was you. So I just wanna say thanks.

    Pooja: Sure would love to hit you sometime, especially now when I'm drunk most of the time. It's the indian way.

  16. *raises eyebrow*

  17. that's hot. i love a real man who treats me like a woman.