Saturday, April 30, 2005

What really happened..

Nethia's account of Wednesday's events was surprisingly milder than I had expected. For example, she did not mention the fact that I spat a piece of beef onto her arm while trying to talk with my mouth full. I would have bet my (anal) virginity that she would have done so. Hmm maybe I am turning her into a nicer person.

But yeah so we had 2 jugs and 2 pints of beer at Brewerkz and it seemed to be going on pretty well, at least compared to the last 2 non-dates. But then she started yawning like every other minute at one point, as I was telling her about my company's financial performance the last couple of years as well as other interesting facts. And she felt the need to point out that she never felt so sleepy while she was out with other guys. So in desperation I started turning on my stallion charms and invited her back to my office nearby to see a few of the hundred thousand dollar servers we had there, I was pretty sure that would impress her and stop the yawning. But amazingly she wasn't the least bit interested. Women, I never get them.

She then suggested going down to Mohd. Sultan. K the truth is I haven't been clubbing in a long long while, my days of being wild are so far back that I can't even remember them. But I didn't wanna seem like a wet blanket so I acted all cool and told her "Why not? Let's head down there and rock the joint" while doing some three finger sign with my right hand. She then told me she suddenly realize that she forgot that she had an exam tomorrow so she couldn't go, but I wouldn't take no for an answer, so in the end we went.

We ended up at Cheeky Monkeys and by the end of the night both of us were completely wasted. Can't remember much of it, except this one proud moment where she was so impressed by my patented robot dance during the Beastie Boys' song Intergalactic that she moved back just so she could admire my skills. Eventhough she did move a little too far away from me than I thought was necessary.

I felt alright till I got into the cab on the way back home, and then suddenly I started puking and it all went blurry from that point onwards. Remember bits of Brewerkz beef over my shirt and in the plastic bag. Reached home. Remember SMSing her to check that she got back home but no reply. Remember stumbling into the toilet. Remember falling to the bathroom floor. Remember calling her while lying on the floor. Remember praying that mom would NOT wake up and see her beloved son lying on the floor of the bathroom. Remember her not answering my call. Remember puking 2 more times.

Next morning she told me that I had left her a voice message where I puked continuously for 4 minutes. Yup this was not one of my finer moments. Sigh. Strike 3. I'm out.

I don't know if it's fate.
But Nethia and I went out on our 3rd non-date.
We first headed down to Brewerkz
And I tried hard not to look down her dress in case she called me a jerk.
I tried to impress her with tales of my company's expensive servers.
But she wasn't too impressed, sometimes I really don't get gals.
Anyway we ended up at Cheeky Monkeys
I realised I was the oldest guy there as far as I could see.
A lot of alcohol and both of us got pissed drunk.
I could tell she was really wasted cos she started calling me a hunk.
All in all it ended pretty well I was thinking,
But that was before she told me about the voice message with me puking.


  1. Poor dude. (Pats head) You did your best. There's always a next time. (Ahahahahahahahhaaa.) Ahem.

  2. I'll never walk past Brewerkz without thinking of puke again.

  3. And i thought you had affection for a certain green frog with a wide grin. Seemed like the frog is wrong, eh.


  5. mmmmm, tell me more about your servers....

  6. Roxanne : Sigh no I think that was the last chance i had...

    Inex: SureI would love to go there with ya sometime. :)

    Hecate: Thanks, Jaywalk did it.

    Twit: Stallion has enough affection for more than one chick/frog.

    DawnL Oh oh they cost like 20k each and they have like dual processors with 4 GB of memory....oh wait are u teasing me?

  7. Geez Bert! Here you have a chick asking you abt ur servers and u ask her whether she's teasing you?! Like this how to get a chick, dude?!

    U better apologize to Webmiztris. She's sure hurt after what u said. Tsk Tsk.

    Disclaimer: B4 anyone tells me Bert said that for e fun of it, I KNOW. Heard of playing along? =)

  8. Haha..Stallion...
    Better luck next time! But I think its pretty cute of u (not to mention gentleman of u to check on ur date)! Esp the part when u are puking on her voicemail!

  9. The same thing happened to my friend too. He does even weirder stuff when he gets drunk.

  10. your thoughtful even if you're drunk.. that's so sweet. :)