Monday, April 18, 2005

To be or not to be (a chick)

I don't get it. What the hell is wrong with calling a chick a chick? This ain't the first time some chick brought the fact that they find the term "chick" offensive.

I mean it's not like I'm calling you a bitch, slut or a whore is it? Those carries a negative connotation and I can understand if you don't like that. Chicks are cute, and I never mean it in a demeaning or insulting way. If you wanna take it that way, then it's your prerogative.

I respect women alright. Alright I respect them MOST of the time. There are times that I can't, no matter how much I want to. Like when it's their time of the month and they get all psycho and whiny and bloated. Those times I avoid them like the plague. But other than that they always get my full respect. Seriously.

All this pseudo-feminist bullshit is really annoying. Aren't there more important things for women to worry about? You know, like world peace?

Sometimes I refer to gals as chicks.
But I don't think that make me a dick.
Why does it offend some I do not know
Would they rather I call them a ho?
But if it makes you happy, call me a rooster or some other animal as well
It ain't gonna bother me, in case you can't tell.


  1. Methinks being called a chick is a wee bit degratory. Hottie, chica, cutie, etc are fine, though. I can't place my finger on why 'chicks' are any different, there's no solid reason.

    But it just is! Y'know, the sky's high, the grass is green, and 'chicks' is bad.

  2. the fact tt u spent a post on it kinda indicates tt u r slightly bothered, rite?

  3. we are not chicks, you dickhead.

  4. Haha...Madman!
    Ur poem is funny!

  5. Oh yah by the way, if u dun believe that a woman dun like to be call a chick, u can conduct some online poll and see the results.

    To be called a Chick is not very flattering!

    Cheers. Just my opinions!

  6. Heh, i dont mind tho. Maybe its just me. Because im born in the year of the rooster so i'm susceptible to the above-said 'insult'?

  7. I don't mind people calling me a chick.

    Can I call you a cock?


  8. FF: You can call me a cock if you add a "Big" in front.

    Dhanya : That makes no sense so I shall ignore it.

    Angel : A poll? Ha right sure why not, I really can be bothered.

    Vishra : Did I say I was not?

    Jade : Ya you are not a chick you are a geek.

    Twit : Me thinks you are a cool chick for saying that

  9. Hey, me too. I thought chicks are cute! It definitely beats being called a slut or bitch!

  10. you can't call women 'chicks' because 'chicks' cannot produce eggs! Wahahaha....

  11. What abt calling gals birds like they do in the UK?
    hozzat, sounds better than chicks?
    In fact, those attractive ones are termed fit birds.

    Ha, makes them sound like turkeys but I'm not exactly too turned off by it, oddly.

  12. Sorry, I was high on cough medicine. HAHAHA.

  13. Its not too nice as in hotels, chicks are referred to Pros or callgals.