Monday, April 25, 2005

Street Fashion rules teenagers

Was reading in the papers on Friday about teens who pay exorbitant prices for clothing like T-shirts and jeans. We are not talking 100 to 200 dollars here, but rather insane prices like $1,300 dollars for a pair of jeans.

Yes I am not kidding. A cool grand for a pair of jeans. Apparently the clothing are all part of a "street fashion". Street as in totally underground ( just like the hip hop I listen to) and therefore cool. I don't get it, but it's probably because I am probably too uncool. The most expensive thing I paid for (as far as I can remember) was my camera, and that was 600 dollars. And even that I mulled over for like 2 months before I finally got it.

But hey I ain't saying it's wrong, if you buying that kinda stuff with your hard earned pay then I say buy whatever you want, it's your right. But these are teenagers who probably get the money for these "cool" clothes from their parents. So I guess I can't blame them. I blame the parents. For giving their kids anything and everything they want without thinking what the consequences are. For spoiling those brats so much that they don't know the value of money. The article does say though that some of the teens work part time for several months to save up for those clothes, those at least get my respect, even if I disagree with their priorities.

Check out the "gear" (I think that's the cool word) worn by this teenager that cost him a total of $2,979.

A Bathing Ape T-Shirt : $400
Neighbourhood jeans : $1200
A Bathing Ape trainers: $900
Bounty Hunter dog tag : $139
Bounty Hunger wrist band : $90
Supreme haversack : $250
Knowing the value of money : Priceless

Oh I just found out a new way to get out of paying for my food and drinks. Just get my friends to pay for it first when the bill comes, and then after that just ask them "Must pay ah?" and 9 out of 10 times they waive it. It's really cool so try it, really handy when you are running low on cash.

Yo yo check it
While Grandmaster G rhymes to the tropical beat
I really can't stand the kids nowadays
They think cheap clothes will make them lose face
As hard as I try I simply can't imagine,
Paying a cool grand for a pair of jeans
With that kind of money I know what I will buy,
A brand new PC, now that would be pretty fly.
But maybe that's why at my high school prom I never got a dance
Could it be because I was the only guy wearing pants from 2nd Chance?


  1. yeah i saw that article too! my kids are never going to use my hard earned money on a pair of jeans that costs $1000!! if they want it so badly, they will have to find a part time job to pay for it themselves. Then they will know how hard it is to earn $$$$$$

  2. Someone din pay u huh?Hahaha

  3. Different upbringing and different lifestyle. Even hard-earned cannot be spent like that.

    Cool rap (It's a rap right)? I was bouncing to it while reading. My colleague must be wondering what I was doing. :)

  4. haha, i am a teen too but i have never heard of brands like that. this person must be have really freaking rich parents!!! (could be foreign)

    Anyway, when 'kids like us' want something expensive, like a laptop, or digital cam, we usually get a part time job during the holidays to earn that money. We know how hard it is!!!

  5. FF: Ya thats the problem they don't know the value of money cos they always get it when they ask for it.

    TY: No la the other way round.

    LancerLord: Well like I said, if the person earns that money then he/she has the right to spend on whatever he wants. Ya thanks , but bouncing along is weird la dun do that. You should rap along as well then they will probably be impressed.

    Corrine: Well thats cos you are UNCOOL and you suck!!! Ooops sorry, I always wanted to say that to a teen. God knows how many times I heard that said to me when I was a teen. Sigh really bad memories.....

    But anyway i think its so cool that you would do that get a job to earn the money. If you weren't a teen I would be like so into you. Actually wait, u are above 16 right? And if you are, just out of curiousity how do u feel abt dating 26 year old men with a slight paunch?

  6. Spending money on clothes is a waste
    Which most of us would regret in our haste
    But it makes girls look wicked
    Yet it would be best if they went nekkid
    Though, underwear is essential for guys, all,
    Becuase no painter ever manged to beautify our balls.

    Yes, it has stupid rhymnth, but I don't have your sort of talent.

  7. bathing ape?

    this kid either get them online or in japan. if not, if anyone knows where to get them, let me know. i'm dying to get the neighbourhoodXporter yoshida bag. haha

  8. Suspiciousbastard : No worries, it took me years to get to my level of rhyming. Just keep practicising.

    Mimosa : The article said the kids hang out at Far East showing off their gear, and if i remember there is a shop there as well.

  9. how retarded!! I hope the day after they buy them, they spill a glass of cherry Koolaid all over those jeans.

    Because after you spend $1,000 on a pair of jeans - face it - you're not going to be drinking much else besides Koolaid for a LONG time. ;)

  10. lol, no prob, just gotta have loaaads of money.

  11. the surrender at far east sells only head porter tokyo japan. the top range of porter.. but neighbourhoodXporter is another kinda design.. lol

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