Friday, April 29, 2005

My logo rules (and so does Jaywalk)

A big shoutout to Jaywalk, who made this really spiffy logo for me (it's at the end of each entry), probably because he couldn't stand my whining. Yup I was jealous that he made Nethia a banner of her own so I started complaining and whining on her blog about how women get all the luck when it comes to getting help from men. But no one cared, or so I thought.

So you can imagine my surprise when I checked my mail yesterday and saw this pretty cool logo thingy with my nick on it. I always wanted one of my own but my Photoshop skills are comparable to an infant's so never got around to it.

So thanks a lot dude, for giving me something which I will treasure for a long time to come. I love ya dawg. And I mean that in the macho-est, non-gay way ever.

Speaking of Nethia, we went out on our 3rd (non-)date on Thursday, I asked her out because I felt guilty about for not warning her of my Tourette's syndrome on our 2nd (non-)date. After the disasters of the last 2 (non-)dates, I was pretty adamant that we would never go out again. But then again she's hot as hell so I was like, screw it I will give it one more shot. Nah I am kidding she's actually rather smart too, that's the only reason I decided to give us one more chance. Come on, I ain't that shallow alright.

To cut a long story short, the (non-)date ended with me lying on a bathroom floor puking my brains out. But I am a gentleman, so I will let her blog about it first before I pick apart her almost certainly going-to-be falsified account of that day's events and tell you what REALLY happened. Stay tuned.

p.s. "(non-)" was inserted in front of the word "date" by request of Nethia.


  1. Logo looks like some Turf Club logo leh. Aren't you afraid some IP crap lets laid on you? Haha...

    Love your posts though!

  2. Hah! Turf Club mah ass!

    This one is stallion ok! Don't pway pway ah!

  3. hahaha...nice horsey....Great job Jaywalk!

    Bert is there gonna be a 4th (non-)date?

    Nethia haven update her blog yet. Oh man..we have to wait then i guess.

    Keep the (non-)date series alive guys!!

  4. thugchic,haha..well considering how the third non-date ended, the chance of there being a fourth one is a little er..erm..debatable..

    oi stallion!!how dare you imply that i may lie about what happened..don't insult my integrity alright!!dammit..

  5. Hey Bert, u were featured in for your "Street Fashion rules teenagers" entry. Did you know that?