Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's just one of those days ...

Where I feel like I am losing the ability to think rationally. Left the office late last night with a colleague. As I was at the train station waiting for my train to arrive, I realised something strange; I hadn't gotten any calls or smses since I left the office. Checked my pocket and realised that it wasn't there.

I figured that I probably left it in the office so I went back to look for it and I was right. 4 missed calls. From Mom. Felt dumb so I smsed my colleague to tell her about it.

Me: Left the phone in the office. Went back to office to look for it. Idiot.
Her : OMG. Hope you find it.
Me: Thanks, found it already. On my way back home.

Only realised how dumb that entire conversation was when she smsed me and told me. If you can't figure it out you are a dumbass too.


  1. Wahahahaha!
    Thats damn funny!

    -Your hansome and corny fren

  2. You are corny. Not sure abt the handsome bit though.

  3. Will the rest of the dumbasses please stand up?

  4. Ha well here's a hint - the conversation was via SMS.

  5. No she isn't :) , but anyway I didn't realise how dumb her question was as well.

  6. *ROFLMAO*

    dumbasses: come on. its damn obvious loh.

    clue: stating the obvious.

  7. Inex : Eh I also didn't notice it k. Dun be mean. Not nice for such a pretty lass to be so mean.