Saturday, April 23, 2005


I started this blog mostly for myself, as an outlet for creative expression. I never expected to influence anyone with my ramblings, eventhough secretly I know that they were really good. Not until now.

As you know I sometimes put my little rhymes at the end of the post when I am in my "ghetto" mood. Yup you might be surprised but I grew up listening to as much hip-hop as I do to rock and metal. And I'm talking really underground hardcore rap stuff, stuff like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. How else did you think my rhymes get to be as good as they are?

Anyway I digress, let me get back to the point of this post. I was checking out the blog of the bitchy lovely Nethia and at the end of her latest post what do I see but rhyming! Well rather it was an attempt at rhyming that seemed like it has been taken from the lyrics from a metal song. But it was a half-decent effort for someone taking their first crack at it so I shall give her props for that.

It is a nice feeling when you know you have inspired someone to do something new with your brilliance. It makes the fact that I am home on a Saturday night scratching my dog's ass not so bad.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
That's why what she did is alright with me.
Because she can put in a lot of effort, she can try her best
But even then, compared to mine, her rhymes will still suck ass


  1. Woo i cant wait for nethia's reply to this. Rhyming war ahead!!

  2. Indian stallion, I thought you had more to you.
    You give yourself credit where it's not due.
    Your delusions grow bigger,
    enough with all the mental swagger.
    There's no one specfic rhyming rule,
    your rhymes do not make you cool.
    you don't own rhyming patents,
    everyone's entitled to varied talents.

    oh man..i really was gonna just ignore this post of yours..Then thugchic, i saw your comment and was pressurized to return in kind..:)

  3. Nethia my love, at rhyming this is your 2nd attempt
    But to tell ya the truth I had more fun reading spam
    I agree coolness is not gauged by the quality of my rhymes
    But then again I am already cool, so implying otherwise would be a jealous crime.
    And yes everyone has their own talent
    But yours is probably something else, why don't you try pruning ferns.

  4. How about I prune your ferns, with a big pair of shearing scissors?

  5. Hey Hey hottie, hows it going? heehee

  6. stallion, good stuff indeed. you must have studied from the masters. I even see traces of the dreadlocked geniuses from belgium, Nilli Vanilli, in your work.

  7. Hahahaha...So sorry to pressurize u into this Nethia..Well we all know Bert's just spoilt for a fight, especially if its with chicks. Rite Bert? =)

  8. I say, this love is a malarkey
    You two fighting over something funny
    Fit birds don't need to rhyme
    I tell you, it's no big crime
    As long as they stay sexy and kinky.

  9. Nethia: You can prune my ferns if I can do the same for you. I think yours probably hasn't been pruned for quite a while no?

    SPG: Babe I been doing good, how abt ya.

    Vidkid : Who are they? Never heard of them so they must not be good.

    ThugChic: Yeah I love to pick fights with chicks cos they are weak so I always win.


    What's a malarkey?
    I honestly don't know so hope you tell me.
    It is some kind of animal or bird?
    Cos it ain't no word I ever heard.
    And with your opinion I have to disagree
    Cos I don't take fit birds who can't rhyme, even if they are free.

  10. malarkey is also known as foolish talk
    it's an obsolete word, so i'm talking cock.
    You're right, fit birds do need to rhyme.
    It would sound so right when in bed, they chime
    "Oh my god, what a huge cock!"