Sunday, April 17, 2005

If at first you don't succeed.

So I asked out the lovely Nethia again to dinner yesterday night to make up for staring at her ass the week before. I promised her this time I would do it more discreetly and I would pay for dinner to show my remorse. After much pleading from me she reluctantly agreed but not before insisting that I make no sudden movements during dinner. I agreed to her rather unreasonable demands because I wanted to put the past behind us and start on a clean slate.

What transpired that evening was, to put it mildly, eventful. You can read her grossly sensationalised account of what happened here. Basically I accidentally brushed against her boob during dinner. Fine, so I was not trying to grab her arm like I told her after it happened. But I lied to her for a reason. I didn't wanna reveal this as I rarely reveal personal stuff on this blog, but I need to clear my name. So here is the truth. I have Tourette's syndrome.

Yes it's a disease that causes your limbs to twitch uncontrollably. I have a milder form of it which usually shows itself after a fair bit of alcohol (I had 3 Erdingers) and in the company of women in low cut tops. The truth is her beer glass was dangerously close to falling off the table and I instinctively reached out for it to prevent that, thus saving her some embarassment. But at that precise timing my damm Tourette's came into play and my forearm twitched towards her chest. The rest ...well I would rather not go into detail. I apologized profusely as she took out her handphone and threatened to call the police, finally she relented and forgave me. Or so I thought till I read her account on her own blog.

So to all future dates if I make sudden movements with my arms you know the reason for it and hopefully be a bit more accomodating.


  1. Hey Stallion,
    first of all....maybe u shld give women some respect? calling them "chicks" sounds crude....if women are chicks, what are men?

    As for ur Tourette's syndrome.....errrm.... u sure u have the condition? Seems very dubious to me especially ur condition kicks in after some alcohol and in the company of "chicks".

    In any case, if ur account of the event is really true, hope the gal u went out with can understand.....

  2. hey stallion.. almost as funny as ur post is defy angel's comment. btw, did u n nethia spend dinner discussing wat blog abt?

  3. oh jesus, there are some people who take things really literally right. No one gets the concept of tongue-in-cheek anymore and yes the gal who went out with him yesterday understands because we both are JOKIN bout it.

  4. If women are chicks, what are men?  
    Men are "cocks"!

  5. my empathies dude. I have TS too. but i dont twitch that much. i only cuss and swear when i get nervous. which is not often really.


    by the way, stallion, you've got taste. your date is a fit bird.

  6. I call women 'chicks'...

    see, I'm allowed to be disrespectful to others, because I'm even disrespectful to MYSELF.

    (really? is 'chicks' disrespectful??? eh, fuck it, I don't care.)

  7. Dammit Bert!!
    It was NOT a date!!

  8. perhaps you two planned this whole drama out just to trick us readers. either way it's still hilarious!