Monday, April 11, 2005

I don't understand women part XXXXIIIII

I really don't. I went out with a chick yesterday and I offered to take her to this restaurant where they had a cheap alcohol and she thinks I'm trying to get her drunk and do something sleazy like take pictures of her cleavage. So we ended up eating at BK. I hate BK, it's such a non-executive place, I am not used to eating at places like this. It's like filled with students and aunties and stuff! But I decided to be a gentleman and reluctantly agreed.

Then I happened to glance at her ass as she was queuing up for our food. I got her to buy the food for me because I am not used to queuing up for my food, you don't have to in restaurants. When she got back I did the gentlemanly thing again and complimented her on her fine looking ass. But instead of being flattered and thanking me she gets pissed! What the hell? And now I just found out that she blogged about it, basically implying that I am a pervert sleazeball. Now my hard-earned reputation is ruined. I am never dating another blogger again! It''s just too much pain. I try to be nice and polite and I get burned in return. No more!! No more you hear!!

p.s. Any female bloggers who still wanna date me despite this, please send me a sexy picture of yourself for consideration, I will then decide whether to make an exception. I am not that cold-hearted ok.

disclaimer: The events described in this entry have been exaggerated to make it humorous in a self-deprecating manner, please do not take it literally. Whether it has the intended effect is immaterial. K enough of big words.


  1. Hahaha...serve u right to date a 22 yr old student bro!!Haha~

  2. OMG.hahahahaha


  3. Dammit, there IS nothing wrong with 22 year old students...and Indian stallion, I like the twisted and warped version of the story...I thought we had so much together, how could u just blatantly lie like this...I'm hurt..heh...And how could u undermine my sccount of what happened? men NEVER grow up...sheesh..

  4. Oh and I wasn't implying that u were a sleazeball, I merely said that I WAS irresistable...I don't blame you..your senses must be still reeling from having seen me and hence the distorted account...I'm hurt that you've decided to date other bloggers this soon...Oh woe me, my heart is breaking

  5. at least you're honest... ;)

    you need to be a little more subtle, Indian.... lol!

  6. TY: There's nothing wrong with 22 yr old students bro, at least nothing wrong in the physical sense.

    Saj: Long time no see babe.

    Nethia: I said I will NOT date other bloggers. But dun let your pretty little hard get confused love, its no biggie. *pats Nethia's head*

    But I don't get what you mean by warped.T hat was the god honest truth.

    Dawn: I WAS subtle. If i wasnt't I would have said "I would love to have a piece of that fine ass!"

  7. Does it mean I'll never see you again?!

    you (heartless/cruel/bastard)stupid indian pony

    nethia, you sure you still wanna date this jackass?

    nah I'm just kidding :P

  8. Indian stallion, not only are u indiscreet, you're a blatant liar.Now stop patting my pretty little head and refresh your memory. "p.s. Any female bloggers who still wanna date me despite this, please send me a sexy picture of yourself for consideration, I will then decide whether to make an exception. I am not that cold-hearted ok". Enough said on that score.

    God honest truth?!!!Read my damn blog entry for GOD honest truth.Again, selective memory and information sharing..I'm disappointed in you...
    Thank you for defending my 22 year old physical sense, I'm hurt you made a distinction betwwen my physical and mental state. does that mean you don't wanna go out with me tomorrow? :)
    And Inex, please take him, Don't let me be a factor in you not having to see him again. I shall be big-hearted and not be selfish about the Stallion's time..
    And GODDAMMIT WE ARE NOT DATING. THAT WASN'T A DATE. and this officially marks my longest comment to a blog entry.

  9. Inex: Its ok you are in the hot category, I can make an exception.

    Nethia: Of course I wanna go out with you tommorow, wouldn't miss that ass...i mean movie for the world!

    Well it was a date, I consider it a date whenever I go out with a hot chick. If it was an ugly chick then it would be an outing. So you should take it as a compliment.

  10. Oh thank you oh benevolent, subtle and suave stallion. I am indeed blessed.

    I'm still not gonna label it as a date. God knows what people are gonna take literally and what they are not.

    And from now onwards, when I see you, It's gonna be loose, baggy and opaque clothes. Apt reward for your honesty..:)

  11. Nethia: It just doesn't pay to be honest nowdays. Fine I am going to wear baggy clothes as well!

  12. FINE! *stamps feet and walks off*

  13. "If it was an ugly chick then it would be an outing."

    'scuse me but "outings" involve closet gays, not ugly chicks!

  14. Well then what would you call going out with an ugly chick if you don't wanna call it a date?

  15. Hahahaha...Bert, this is better than what i thought it wld turn out to be! Hahahaha..

    Wait a min..why didnt u say u hate BK?! Theres where we ate the 2nd time we met!! *grumbles*
    And while we r still at this, was it an outing or a date u went with me? We went twice. So i m expecting the truth. *Intense stare*

  16. Well the thing is you were seeing someone at that point so it wasn't a date. But if you weren't it definitely would be.