Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How I would reply to Miss S'pore Universe questions

Q: If you had to chose a mascot for a charity what animal would you choose? (Wow wonder which judge came up with this brainteaser?)

Me : I would choose the cock for the mascot. Because I just love cocks. If you don't believe me, ask all my friends, they will tell you how much I love them cocks. I can't keep my hands off them when I see them.

Q : What would you say to MJ if you had 5 mins with him?
Me : I'm sorry to waste your time but I am of legal age.

But man really the questions were lame to the max. My dog could have come up with better ones I tell ya.

Oh and I just tried this spelling bee thing sent by my good old army buddy. Sigh the things you do when you are bored out of your mind. Here is what I got:

You scored 14 out of a possible 23
Not bad at all. You have a good grasp of the language's tricksier words, and only have a few blind spots.

Don't play play, I got A2 for O Level English ok!


  1. Hey i got my 1GB MuVo N200 too, awesome stuff! But how did u store the songs in different folders? Or is there a website or anything where i can go check out myself? Help please...

  2. It's a thumb drive , so just put the songs in different folders and drag it over to your F: drive or whatever your player shows up on your com as.

    But if you wanna play the songs in your folders in a certain order, just use the Creative MuVo explorer which u can access thro My Computer. It will rename your tracks there is a sort button at the top.

    The Creative website is pretty decent.

    Also you can upgrade your firmware and the Creative Explorer software there as well.

  3. Ok, sorted my songs into folders already. Thanks, man. Nice blog by the way.. good humour. Lol. Keep blogging, aight. Cheers.

  4. i love ur ans to the Miss S'pore Universe questions...... i had juz created a bet within my homies of hu can come up wif a hilarious jokes, the winner i will treat her/his to a meal at macdonald.if no one jokes is laughable, i wil treat u. hehehe ok i taggin crap.


  5. funny answers you've got there!

  6. Too bad, you ain't gonna be on Miss Singapore Universe anytime soon

  7. Anonymous : no worries, but don't forget to upgrade your firmware. My player hanged a lot before I did it.

    Hudz : Thanks love, wow Mc Donalds. Can't wait.

    Anna: Thanks love.

    Nethia: Well theres always Manhunt. I could be the next Jon Jonsson.

  8. omg, I only got 14 right too!

    I feel like a "dumass" ;)

  9. You scored 21 out of a possible 23
    Go to the top of the class - a resounding well done for your fantastic score. Unless, of course, you have a dictionary hidden under your desk - or you are a subeditor.

    YESYESYES! NO dictionary and im not a subeditor! yahooo!

  10. haha.. i got 23 right! *pats back*

  11. I got 18 out of 23!

    And yes...I paid a hell lot of attention in class!

  12. I tried the quiz too... damn siong man...

  13. Die! I got 11 out of 23.
    Don't play play, I got B4 for Orh level English :)