Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bloody Bimbo Superficial Stewardess Bitch

Had a very unpleaasant incident last Saturday. Was out at Siglap with a couple of friends at this pub, just chilling out like we cool people do, and she invites her stewardess friend along as well as 2 other guys from the airline industry.

They started talking about their work which was kinda boring the crap outta me, so I brought up the topic of the teens wearing the expensive gear. And I was saying that if I paid 1 grand for the jeans I would be so scared of getting it dirty that I will only wear it at home.

To that the stewardess replied "Then what's the point? No one would see it!"

I was tempted to pat her on the head and explain to her I was obviously kidding but decided not to, in case I damage what little brain cells she had. Fine it's a bit cruel, maybe she doesn't get humor very well, it's no crime. But it ain't as cruel as what she did later.

She then asked who was older, me or my friend.(Yup the conversations that day were really the intellectually stimulating sort). I replied that my friend was older than me by a year. To which she exclaimed "But you look so much older! And you have a paunch! Is that fats or a beer belly?", pointing to my extremely tiny paunch.

I was shocked and completely taken aback. Like hello you meet someone for the first time and you immediately find it ok to point out their (very minor) physical flaws? I would have replied "Ya , well you have no boobs at all but I didn't think you are a teen." but I didn't because I was too hurt and shocked. I forced back my tears that I felt welling up in my eyes and just laughed, trying to hide the pain that I was really feeling at that point. People can be so mean.

But I have decided that because of this incident I will no longer date stewardesses. Yup I am sorry to any who are reading but my mind is made up so don't bother trying to change it.


  1. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

    As long as you're the indian stallion, what is a little tummy?

  2. I kow the feeling man. I was once pretty much straightforwardly called "fat" by this chick who was comparing me to my drug-addict resembling friend. And I work out too. Chicks can be so dumb I tell you...

  3. No shite Jose. I think the high pressure in the air kills their brain cells. Date them lah.. they are easy, but just dont go serious on them? Haha.

  4. some people are such bitches.:(

    and you'd think they are supposed to be in the PR line.