Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bad week

It's been a bad week.

Last Saturday I went out on a "date" (or so I thought) and it ended up badly, the chick I went out with for some reason felt the overwhelming need to clarify to EVERYONE she knew that it was NOT a date. Sigh talk about getting your ego majorly crushed. Women can be so cruel.

Then I had that huge ass pimple that caused me to squirm and moan every 3 minutes in my seat at the office, resulting in dirty looks from my colleagues. But fortunately it seems to have reduced in size now, thanks for all those who were concerned about me, I love ya all.

Went out with a gal friend to Ice Cold Beer last Thursday evening as well and she was asking me about the "date" last Saturday.

Gal Friend : So who was that chick you went out last Saturday, read about it on your blog.

So at this point I was thinking she probably liked me so she wanted to see if I was dating anyone else. So my stallion charms kicked in (it's like a reflex action I don't even do it consciously) ...

Me : Oh her...She's just this chick I gotta know recently. She's nice and all but there isn't any sexual tension between know..... unlike me and you.

Her reaction was completely unexpected to say the least. She started laughing uncontrollably. I am not making this up. And we aren't talking about a giggle, I think if she was drinking her beer at the time she would have probably spit it out. Strike 2. Of course I wasn't stupid, I laughed along with her, pretending I was kidding all along. But inside I was crying. But she didn't notice. Thank God.

Like I said it's been a bad week.

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