Saturday, March 12, 2005

When you work with monkeys....

It's been a bad week. Spent almost the whole of it at Nanyang Technological University doing an implementation. It was supposed to be an easy one, but thanks to the incompetence of one of our company's partners it turned out to be a really frustrating affair.

I installed my company's software and configured it accordingly the first day. After that the engineer from the partner side realised he made serious errors in his own part, so instead of trying to resolve them, he backed up my software directory, wiped out the existing data, re-installed the whole OS and put back my directory, thinking I wouldn't notice it. Idiot. Because of him I had to waste another day and re-install the whole damm software again. Oh and he didn't even know the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Redhat, he thought they were just different kernel revisions. Jesus.

Oh that was not all. I stated clearly that he was to call my colleague or me if he had problems resolving the issue the next day. The next day the idiot called his colleague (idiot no. 2) instead. Idiot no. 2 smsed another colleague of mine to ask him to call me to tell me to call idiot. When my colleague told idiot no. 2 to call me directly, idiot no. 2 called another colleague of his (idiot no. 3) to call me to tell me to call idiot. When I asked the idiot why he didn't call me directly, he gave the excuse that he had forgotten to save my number. This was despite the fact that I called him numerous times from my handphone the day before.

Yes I am ranting. It's been a bad week. It was like trying to work with monkeys I tell ya. But worse. Thank God it's over.

On a better note I am looking at an implementation in Korea the next month. Hoping that happens, that will be kind of cool. I met this Korean chick from my company when I was in Shanghai for a conference a year ago, and sparks flew all over the place between us, despite the fact we could barely understand each other. I haven't felt that much sexual tension with someone since Johnny, so I am really looking forward to seeing her again. I emailed her about it and she seemed to be excited as well. We will see what happens.


  1. Hope you'll have a better time next week.

  2. how come idiots like that get employed and not me? *rants against the injustice of life*

  3. Thanks lord.

    Yes inex, like someone ever told me once, life is unfair.