Wednesday, March 16, 2005

MuVo N200 is da bomb yo!

Yup I have finally moved into the world of digital music. Got my 1 GB Creative MuVo (why do they use alt caps) N200 at the IT Fair and so far I'm lovin' it! No more lugging my Discman around in my bag in addition to a CD wallet. The sound is really good and it's small as hell. It supposedly can record from audio devices via the in line jack as well as from radio but haven't tried that out yet. And it also has a mike for recording purposes, haven't tried that out either.

But I mainly got it for music, and right now there are albums from Killswitch Engage, The Fugees, Blood Brothers. The Arcade Fire and Mars Volta on the player. Switching albums is easy as long as you have them in different folders.

But my PC at home only has USB 1.0, so the file transfer rate is a bit slow, around 5 minutes per album. Probably gonna get a PCI to USB 2.0 card soon.

However only annoying thing is it doesn't have playlist support so I need to manually rename the mp3s and put the track number in front of the file names to make sure they play in album order.

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  1. damn, your comments DO NOT like me.

    ANYway, I've never heard of MuVo. Am I a total dork or WHAT?

    Don't answer that.

  2. How much u pay for it?

  3. Its refreshing to hear someone getting a MuVo. If I recall correctly, it wasn't cheap and most people would rather top up 200 bucks more for an iPod. Too bad I'm stuck with my PDA phone which UNFORTUNATELY, can play mp3.

  4. CREATIVE?!!! U bought CREATIVE!?!! Oh cursed spite!

  5. Creative Muvo's not too good. Got a bad impression of it after I got one for Jon and it spoils within the first 3 months.

    Perhaps they have upped the quality stakes now.

  6. Dawn : If you are a dork then I really love dorks.

    TY : 300

    Triple Period : Why unfortunately? Unless you were being sarcastic then I still don't get it.

    Amanda : I was waiting to see how long it would take for an iNut to rant.

    Faith : So far its serving me well.

  7. Well, im still stuck onto 128MB so i think you are lucky to get have a GB's worth of songs travelling in a light weight manner even though i would want to get more than that in future IF I save enough to get it.

  8. Heehee glad you bought something you like sexy! Hey, I tell you Xanga is better than Blogger. Im blogging at

    Visit me when yr free okie~

  9. indianstallion: Unfortunately, because if it plays mp3, it doesn't make a reason for me to go out and get a mp3 player myself. Also the playing function for my PDA, damn troublesome to operate.

  10. Tripleperiod : Ah ok yeah I wanted to get the E398 phone last year to play mp3s but it was sold out. I think i'm glad I didnt. This whole integration of devices is way overhyped.

    Fruitsyrup : Yeah I was thinking of either getting this one or the 512 mb which is like 80 bucks cheaper but hell decided to go for it.

    SPG : Hey so you are back to blogging again eh. But the bf how ? He ok with it meh.

  11. 1 gig...i'm bloody envious..i just scraped together enough cash to get myself a 128mb brandless player that was on sale in some IT fair in my sch...I was elated at the thought of havin 25 songs to listen to on the journey to and fro to sch..then i read ur im sad again..sigh..

  12. he is okay lah~ heehee aye xanga is better u know. can post huge ass pics n so much more user friendly.

  13. Nethia : ha 256 ! not enough for my dog even! *arrogant laugh*

    SPG : I will give it a shot dearie. Just for ya. :)

  14. Its 128 to you mister!

    Be more arrogant la, no wonder Mars Volta let you down.

    muahahhahaha *evil laughter*

  15. Nethia: You gone too far this time. You took something that I loved so much, and you used that against me. You will pay love, you will pay dearly. Or else my name isn't Indian Stallion

    Ha sorry, 128. It's not even enough for the fleas on my dog. I spit on your mp3 player. Pui pui!!

  16. what are you gonna do?Put me over your knee and spank me?

    Yes, you heard me right...I'm throwing down the gauntlet!

    How dare you further mock my 128mb player? you are heartless just like the fleas on your dog that you interact daily with!

    i hope system of a down's new album fails you too..ha...

    hey i am joking so don't take it seriously n get offended.
    by the way, i was only joking abt the flea part...:)

  17. Nethia :

    I would LOVE to put you over my knee and spank youm just give me a time and place.

    No worries love, of course I know you are kidding.

    Would love to talk to ya on MSN sometime, why don't ya add me. Email addy is on my profile.

  18. Tsk tsk...empty promises...

    talk to ya on msn...:)