Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Miss Universe 2005

I blogged a week back about how I had a falling out with my friend who is in this year's Miss Universe pageant because she refused to mention my blog URL during the live telecast of the show tomorrow. Well we have settled our differences, I realized that my demands have been a tad unreasonable so I called and apologized to her and that was that.

Anyway the show is on this Saturday (click the title link) and you can SMS vote for your favourite contestant, the top 3 automatically go to the finals. Yes each SMS costs 20 cents, but at least you get to win a prize by voting, compared to the Singapore Idol finals where I believe it was 50 cents and you don't get shit. I didn't and still don't get how people are willing to waste so much money on someone they don't even know. She's the first contestant so do vote for her, she's easily the best looking chick out there. And no I ain't being bias.

Oh ya one thing, me and her have this really long running joke where she pretends to not know me at all. So if you know her or meet her in person and ask her if she knows me she will probably deny it. Hell she will probably act all puzzled and saying she never heard of the 'Indian Stallion'. Heh she's a funny one. Yes you are Natasha! But seriously stop it, the joke has gone long enough. Seriously. People are starting to really think I'm making it up when I am not. Actually to be completely honest, I know almost all of the contestants in the pageant, the whole bunch of us like hang out at this kopi tiam (coffeeshop) near my place every other week and chill out.

Oh oh Frances the Mute is out ! I am gonna head down to Borders and get it tommorow. You should too. It's gonna be amazing, I just know it.

Listening to : De-loused in the Comatorium by Mars Volta


  1. I downloaded it liao. weird shite.

    quite glad I didnt buy it though.

  2. Sigh , no worries, I lent a lot of friends their previous album as well and none of them liked it. I guess it's an acquired taste.

  3. Natasha will win~

    mars volta.......another rockin band!
    reminds me of at the drive-in, and a bit of a perfect circle.

    i revisited the Jules scene on dvd...
    i always always thought it looked like a Colt .45!
    turned out to be a Star Modelo B, a gun based on the Colt 1911 .45 ACP.
    and no, i aint an arms expert...

  4. seriously the pretty ones refuse to join miss universe and the average ones all yearn to be miss universe. Funny =)

  5. you don't know any of those girls, do you. :)

  6. Arzish : Ah IC all that [police training came in handy. I only knew about it after seeing the DVD feature where they give a running commentary throughout the whole movie.
    The SPG: Yeah Babe why did you refuse to join? EH but Natasha is really hot though, trust me.
    Dawn: Are you calling me a liar? Do I look like some loser who would make up something like that?

  7. You are really quite an unique guy.. anyway, your past entries set me wondering if you are really like that in real life?

  8. xianxian:

    Are you asking me out on a date?

  9. If you don't mind sucking my dick?

  10. xianxian:
    Sorry, we have to be on at least our 3rd date before I do that.

  11. Hmm..I do hope you imparted at least part of your articulation skills to them during one of your coffeeshop sessions.Miss Singapore universe normally lacks coherence, articulation and intelligence during the Q and A sessions. I hope they surprise me with somethin new this year

  12. Dawn: We don't have the 5th in Singapore, love.

    Nethia: Well they already have biodatas up for the contestants on the mediacorp site where they interview them. Her answers are pretty good, go check it out .

  13. You're right her answers are good and the rest of them ain't bad either. I retract my earlier cynicism and I just hope they don't disappoint during the Q&A on stage.Natasha is hot, i hope she wins..I'm tired of seeing 'template' faces win year after year.

  14. I m still wondering y we bother sending singaporeans to compete in the miss universe. We will never win. Can't even make it to the top ten. a waste of time. Don't you think?