Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mama I am coming home.

Parents can be so embarassing sometimes.

Met my mom at the bus stop yesterday on the way home from work and we boarded the bus together. The bus was pretty crowded but there was this 3 seater thing where there was still space for one person to sit. Normally I would elbow mommy out of the way and take that space for myself, but this time there was this rather hot gal sitting on it, so I did what any filial son would do and gave it up to my mom. Hot gal seemed to be rather impressed that I did that. Well she was umpressed UNTIL my mom tried to insist that I squeeze in between her and the hot chick and seat beside her.

At that point I wanted to scream "That seat only holds 3 people dammit!! Stop embarassing me like you been doing all my bloody life for once can ya!!". But that little thing called filial piety took over, so I politely declined her invitation, ignored her repeated coaxing and moved on to the back of the bus. But the damage was already done, I didn't need to look at the hot chick to see the look of disgust on her face; she probably thought I was like a spoilt immature mommy's boy. Damn you mom, I probably would have gotten laid yesterday if not for you. Anyway I got back at her wen we reached home by refusing to let her serve me dinner. That will teach her to not embarass me anymore in public in front of hot chicks.

Speaking of parents, I gotta do my taxes for the first time this year, and was just wondering if I could claim relief for parent maintainance. Hey I do settle most of the bills in the house after all, and add to that I bought mom a new toaster last Christmas because the one she was using kept burning the toast she did for me. I think that should entitle me to some relief right?

Oh and there was this section for claiming relief for a disabled parent, and I was wondering if I should try and claim that for my dad. Yes sadly daddy seems to be losing it, he's been having more mood swings than a gal hooked on oestrogen pills. Also he has been acting a little strangely recently, like forgetting that the toilet has a door when he uses it. Or being a complete pain in the ass by bitching incessantly about how I left the glass at the table before leaving for work and how that makes the whole house incredibly messy.

Jesus does everyone get this way when they get old? If so, I will probably commit suicide when I do get old, rather than live the rest of my life being completely annoying and picky.


  1. You can claim income tax relief if the parent is making under S$2000 for the year.

  2. That's the thing about taking public transport with your parents OR grandparents. They are often oblivious about things around them.

  3. ermmm... aren't u already annoying and picky? =)

  4. Awwwwwww. I hope you're joking about what you said about your parents. All girls love guys who love their parents. But not too much.

  5. yes, my heart bleeds for you. I'm sure you would have gotten laid by the girl in the bus if not for your mom. Life is a bitch eh

  6. oh, and that 'mama i'm coming home' song, that's by ozzy osbourne right? tell me cos i've been goin crazy for the past 5 mins tryin to figure it out

  7. dammit, man, your blogger comments need load up right for me!! Evil blogger - I swear it hates me!!


    anyway, that's why I smoke. I'm hoping I die before I get to that old, cranky stage of life.

  8. Knight : That's 2000 a month right ? *dumb look*

    Anna : Next time I will tell them to pretend to not know me until we get off the bus or train.

    Calm One: No i am not, but you are starting to get annoying! =)

    FF: I love my parents. So much that I want my future wife to be exactly like mommy.

    Nethia: Dear, the jealousy of your tone is hard to overlook. It didn't happen so no worries alright. Yes its Ozzy.

    Dawn : No worries gonna switch back to haloscan soon. Sorry love.

  9. I think the adjective you are looking for is amusement not jealousy.