Saturday, March 05, 2005


I went to catch 'Hitch' with a friend a couple of days ago, it was a pretty funny and enjoyable movie, although 2 hours is a little long for a lighthearted romantic comedy. Will Smith plays Alex Hitchens, a date doctor who advises losers...i mean socially inept guys to get the woman of their dreams.

Will Smith was really really slick in his role, hell at one point I was finding myself swooning over him. But I could have used a guy like him, especially when I just started dating. Yup yours truly was not exactly the smoothest operator back then. But that was in the past and I have learnt somewhat from my mistakes, you know simple lessons like not to say "I don't like coffee" when a really hot chick asks you out to a cup of coffee. Sigh still have nightmares about that.

Speaking of Hitch, I read in the papers today about a guy who proposed to his girlfriend in the cinema during the screening of that movie. He proposed to her and she accepted, and then they started watching the movie. But they were so excited that they kept talking throughout the movie, so they are gonna watch it again. Can you believe that? Could they be any less considerate to the other movie goers in the cinema?
But go catch the movie alright, I highly recommend it.


  1. REALLLLLY???? It's good? I thought it looked so lame in the previews. Guess I'm just not much of a romantic comedy type of person. And Will Smith sort of annoys me too, so that doesn't help much. If it was, say, Brad Pitt, I would have already seen it. ;)

  2. brad pitt can't be a love doctor!! he would like.....attract his customer's girls!
    damn that'll be ugly.

    ok ill watch it, man. :)

  3. that guy paid GV $1,000! he could have used that $1,000 and get a bigger ring for the gf..

    i want to watch Hitch too...

  4. Eh bert...that "i dont like coffee" line sounds sooo familiar. U told me that story about it once right? :D


  5. "Dun like coffee", wahahaha, classic!

    - Hansem and corny fren

  6. not being a smooth operator back then is hard to believe..I mean ,"woah..I want" really did the trick for me...hats off to you for improving on it..:)

  7. Nethia : Babe, are you being sarcastic? I can't tell! But yeah I was a different person in the past.

    Hansem : Eh dun let me point out the things YOU did that weren't so smooth as well.

    Fat Fingers : Ah and wonder why they still say sporean gals are materialistic....kidding !

    Dawn and Ningster : Yeah its really good, i hate brad pitt hes too damm pretty.

    Ambiga : yeah its the same one, and its true.