Monday, March 14, 2005

Gods of Metal

A gal I gotta know recently invited me to a metal gig at this club called Paradigm, and I decided to go check it out since I never been to one.

To say it was a culture shock would be a bit of a understatement. Firstly, almost everyone was wearing black. And if they were wearing black T-Shirts it was always a band T-shirt like Cradle of Filth and Emperor. Thank god I was wearing a black T-shirt as well, I had initially thought of wearing this pink polo T-Shirt because I really look cute in it. I think if I had I probably would have been beaten up.

My appreciation of "hardcore metal" is admittedly pretty limited, Killswitch Engage is as heavy as I go, and even the vocalist of that band sings a fair bit so it isn't that bad. But the bands I saw today were something else altogether. They were screaming and growling the whole time, covering bands with scary names such as Blind Guardian, The Haunted and Cradle of Filth. I never did understand why metal bands have to have such names. Like do they sit around and think "Hey what's more innocent than a baby? A baby lies in a cradle. So what if that cradle was filled with the most evil filth ever? Hey I got it, we shall call ourselves Cradle of Filth! Evil rules !!!"

I can't say I had the greatest time, but it was definitely an experience and the technical ability of the musicians was quite amazing to behold at times.


  1. duuuuuuudeeeee..
    i was there toooo!
    decked out in my trusty killswitch engage t-shirt..
    the rammstein cover band rocked.
    i agree though..
    some bands rocked...
    some sucked more than a slut on a lollipop.
    so youuu were the big indian black-tshirt-clad dude...
    oh wait..there were 54 of you guys..!
    see ya~

  2. I was the only indian guy without a band t-shirt.

    Speaking of which , where did you get yours?

    Oh I didn't stay for the rammstein covers, but the keyboardist for them is actually a friend of a friend.

    Thought the apek band that covered Iron Maiden totally sucked. Like no energy like that and they went on for so long.