Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fake Smiles

The Fake Smile test is courtesy of the lovely Dawn and it gauges how well you can differentiate between genuine and fake smiles.

I have always considered myself a social butterfly who can read people pretty well so I was quite confident of acing the test. But to my horror I only got 11/20. Most of my mistakes were identifying smiles as genuine when they were in fact fake.

That started me thinking. I always had this knack of making the people smile all the time, and it is something I been rather proud of. Now I am wondering if they could possibly be fake. At the end of the test they tell you the physical differences between real smiles and fake, so I decided to do a little test. Yes, who else would be a better candidate than my mom, who never fails to smile encouragingly at everything I tell her?

Me: Mom, I am thinking of quitting my job and becoming a model.
Mom : Oh...*smile*..I think that's a great idea! You should definitely go for it.

There are few things that I have loved in my life. 2 of those things were porn and mom's smile, both of them have never failed to lift my spirits up when I'm down. But today I saw her smile, and I realized it was a fake smile. Yes, my own mom is patronizing me with her fake smile, like how she has been doing all these years. I turned back and went back to my room. Just before I closed the door, I looked at mom one last time. She was still holding that fake smile.

I closed the door. The door to my room. Her door to my circle of trust.

But the rest of you who have been fake smiling to me all this while, beware. I am onto you, you patronizing bastards !!!


  1. i got 14/20!
    i always give the Mohs in my office fake smiles.
    And also Dick.. all smiles are fake...and my laughter too.

  2. I scored 13!! At least i got the right answer for which face feature is important to distinguish between a fake and genuine smile. =)

    Well, its a pity ur mom has been doing this to u all the time aint it? sigh
    But u dun remember how i smiled at u when we met rite? *slient prayer*

  3. woohoo got 15 and thats cos i give alot fake smiles to the irritants around me!

  4. I got 10 out of 20 right. Now I will try to spot people who give lots of fake smiles. Haha.

  5. You whole bunch of fake smilers, I hate you all!!!

    Seems like I am the only one who believes everyone is genuine.

    ThigChic: I thought your smile was not so sure.

  6. I got 9/20!! Gosh, i didnt know Im dat bad at distinguishing fake smiles. I kinda ticked all fake smiles! haha!

  7. I got 16! I think its cause im very paranoid when people smile at i spend time analysing the degree of fakeness :p

  8. sorry dude, i got 18/20 =)
    btw, that smile above is fake.
    ok i have some advantage cos i've read about smiles before.

  9. hahaha...m glad u remembered mine was a genuine one. i was thinking u might mistake it for a fake one..*Big grin*

  10. T Y
    i got 18/20...i am gd at this kinda shit...hahahaha

  11. 8/10. Die. Can easily be conned.

  12. Eeep. 14/20.
    Must. Not. Trust. People.

  13. see??!! that test got me all paranoid!

  14. 19/20. finally a test that i'm good at. it's all in the eyes. whether they twinkle or look warm

  15. I got 17.Wow.I must be good*smug*


  16. Lancerlord : Err its out of 20!
    SPG : And i thought I was bad !
    Ambiga : Wow not bad sia. But kinda creepy that you analyse smiles.
    Inex: Not bad. try harder.
    Calm one : I think you are the highest. But doesnt count cos you know about smiles before.
    ThugChic : I sitll not sure.
    TY: K u are the winner.
    Roxanne: Sigh ya now you know how i feel.
    Dawn: Well your smile in the pic is definitely real.
    Miriclay: Ya I do that at work as well.
    Saj : So arrogant ....

  17. Hey, yr like a super star answering so many replies all at once! wooo wooo

  18. All smile are genuine actually. There are no fake smiles. People smile because they are happy, sad embarrass or simply out of pity. I think your mum's smile was genuine you just don't know wat it meant.