Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I was walking back home late last night from Geylang, thinking about my life. I had just went to see Candy, she's my friend who is there to comfort me whenever I feel down, for 50 bucks an hour. Usually I would feel better after I see her, but that night she couldn't help me much.

I wondered why there was so much hate in this world. Why there was so much hate towards me. Here I was doing the Lord's work, showing evil men the folly of their ways but I was getting criticized for it. But then I realized Jesus was in the same situation. He tried to save mankind from their evil sins, but in the end he was crucified by the very men he was trying to save. So who was I to feel unfairly treated? But I still felt a bit unconvinced, so I took out my bible and started reading it while walking back home.

So there I was reading my bible when suddenly I heard a strange sound. I looked up from my bible, and in front of me was a tiny kitten. Meowing vociferously. I could see the evil in its beady eyes........

What happened next was a blur. I remember me running towards the kitten with my hand raised, with the Word of God in my hand. I remembered bones cracking. I remembered there was a lot of blood. Too much blood. I never knew kittens had so much blood.

It was all over in a matter of minutes. I looked at my hands. They were all covered with kitty blood. I looked up at the little kitty, its lifeless body stood limp on the ground, it seemed at peace in a way, like it was taking a nice long nap. My bible was laying a few feet away from it. I walked over slowly to pick it up. That's when I noticed that the book was open. The page that it was opened to was from the Book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel 25.17.

I picked up the book and read the passage again, as I did so many times. But this time I finally realized that I had the passage all wrong.

I been saying that passage for years. And if you ever heard it, it meant you had just been condemned by hell by me. I have always thought I'm the righteous man. And my blog here, it's the shepherd protecting God's weak from the tyranny of evil men.

But the truth is I'm the tyranny of evil men. I looked at the kitten again. It was just an innocent kitten. I thought I killed it because it was meowing vociferously, but then I realized that couldn't be it because I didn't even know what vociferous means. I had killed it because I was evil. I didn't know the kitten, I hadn't seen it before. For all I know, vociferous kitten, it could be one of your friends or even a relative. But it had no part in our feud, yet I killed it to appease the hatred of you that was growing within me.

So I ask you, how many more kittens must die before our thirst for revenge is quenched? I will tell you now, no more. This feud is over. This will be my last entry on this. For there has been enough bloodshed over our squabble. And there are bigger issues out there like world peace, bigger issues than who the bigger loser is here. Because there has been only one loser here, and it was that poor innocent kitten.

No more.


  1. Errr... do you usually bring your bible along during trips to Geylang?

  2. I haven't been following the feud between u and vk, but your past few entries have been darn hilarious!!

  3. Dude, ur on a roll! Loved ur past few entries!:D


  4. Roxanne : Yes, it was actually a gift from Candy for 21st birthday, I spent it with her. I still remember that night, she gave me half price.

    Anony: Oh I'm sorry you find the death of a poor defenceless animal funny. You sick sick person!!

    Ambiga : Babe, don't love my entries. Love God and love each other, for only then can we ever hope for salvation.

  5. If you are coming back from paying a woman to make you feel good, aren't you the "evil man".

    An why is it that everyone who tries to quote the Bible has to do it as if they were Jules in Pulp Fiction.

  6. 50?

    how come you get charged more?

  7. Platypus : Even holy men in the Bible go to prostitutes, its not evil. I been using that quote way before Pulp Fiction.

    Caleb : WTF?? Candy told me she charged me the lowest!!! That lying whore!! How much do you get charged?

  8. happen to pass by your blog and seem tat u n vk has some problems,r u two friends or colleague or wat?or maybe plain strangers?God Bless All :)

  9. Nice piece of article...funny still

  10. HA HA HA that was brilliant.

    hmmm. right.

    I should clarify that I was refering to the comment by Webmiztris.

  11. platypus: cos its tarantino, he's a legend.

  12. omg. you are weird.

  13. It's been said, "Fighting on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics. Even when you win, you're still a sp*stic."

    Now onto the more serious stuff, 50 is cheap. I had been robbed...

  14. Keith:

    Sigh as I said before, for it to be a fight it has to be taken seriously.

    I am just having a little fun thats all, just like you poking fun at someone else not too long ago. :) You remember the throwing toys out of the pram remark?

    Dawn : I know sometimes I worry myself too. But then I know God is with me and I don't need to worry.

    Arzish : A bit of trivia for ya - he wasnt holding a 9mm if you look carefully!

  15. Don't let me see your goddamn ugly face in NUS!

  16. Yeah lah dude, i know. Don't think you will get dissed at an idiot. You need some one more intellectual to piss you off.

    Treasure the piss-taking whilst it lasts. After a while, the other party will realize the ridicule, and the fun will subside.

    Good things never last. Sigh. :)

  17. I am surprised people think this black piece of shit is normal.

  18. Well at least he is more normal than anyone who dun even dare to leave a nick...do not tell me that annoymous is a nick....if it is...well.. nuff said..lol

  19. anonymous: What you are doing is akin to those ah bengs who like to attack their victims from behind, just so that they will not be recognised and less chance of being fought back. Please respect yourself by trying not to act like those scrums, clarify your identify.