Sunday, March 27, 2005

The baby celebrity

Jesus I am so sick of hearing about Zoe Tay's kid in the news.

I was reading the paper today and there was an article about her son's first month anniversary. And this was in the main section of the paper reserved for the more serious news, not the entertainment section. Here's an excerpt:

"But the star of the show was the little one who was unfazed by the endless camera flashes popping in his face. Dressed in pink trousers and a white shirt, he handled the attention like a seasoned celebrity, never once showing any sign of protest. Like mother, like son."

I tried to imagine how the reporter who did that story felt when her editor-in-chief gave her that story to cover.
The poor gal, she probably had lofty aspirations back in school of being a reporter who covered groundbreaking news events and the public about important issues. And here she was now, writing an article about a month old baby who literally has nothing to say, and having to give it a fake personality for her article. Reality sucks doesn't it? What's next? Will they be covering the moment when the kid walks his first step? Or says his first word?

"The entire Singapore rejoiced today as little Brayden said his first words this morning. It was 'Pee Pee'. Zoe Tay was glad she had her videocam to capture the moment so that she could share this joyous occasion with Singapore. It is expected that birth rates will increase tremendously after this event, as Zoe will probably inspire more women, both single and married, to have children after seeing how happy she is."

A month back, the media covered her birth as well as reported the fact that she didn't bathe for a month after that, it's a Chinese practice based on superstition. There was even an argument about whether she was being a good role model for other moms in their post-natal months. But if you have to take your cue from a celebrity when it comes to deciding on your bathing habits then maybe you shouldn't even be having kids in the first place.


  1. hahahaha yeah.. i am sick of it too

  2. oh please sleep with me O great stallion...Please, just once..thats all i ask before i end my life...put your manhood in me..please...

  3. Ah...Bert, u'r back! *hugs*

    Argh geez, all tt Brayden hype. Did the media really think Singapore wld care what name he got and all his future developments? Mayb the media needs to take a break and re-evaluate wats defined as News...

  4. This is star power. They get all the attention.
    8 Days reported 10 wierd baby names of our local celebrities. Brayden was among them. The author gave a tagline which made me laugh. "Don't bray bray!".

  5. What to do? The Sg media has nothing better to report and it's a nice break from the issues about gays.

    Brayden. Jeez, the kid will def be taunted later on.

  6. she dressed him in pink pants?

    that's just wrong.

  7. Stoned Nerd and ThugChic: Na its just temporary. I was struggling to get this entry out.

    Anonymous : Babe, you obviously have self esteem issues. ;)

    Lancerlord : Yeah whats with the dumbass name anyway. It should have been Joe. Would be kinda cute right, Joe and Zoe.

    FF: What issues about gays ?

    Dawn : Ha yes the poor kid, I wish him the best of luck in growing up normally.

  8. Bert! U decided to post the entry..hehe...oh btw..what happened to ur intended reply to miss anonymous! :p

  9. probably a slow news day. editor probably had nothing to write on gays and their MSM activities, no murders or road rage propaganda in JB to report, nothing on some stupid Chinese kid who invented a useless thingamabob, and hence brayden it was...

  10. seriously, wth is with Zoe and her baby? There are at least 10 babies born each day. Bet if the media has their way, Zoe would have our very first Singapore Idol.

  11. well we dun have Chelsea or the Bush Twins, so I guess zoe's son will have to do for now.

    I wonder if he'll be wearing masks next time if he goes out.. like MJ's kids.

    wait.. wont help.. coz he'll be the only in sg wearing a mask and we'll know its him anyway.

    sad. heh

  12. Sheesh... what sort of a name is Braydon... sounds like something you'd name a donkey, not a baby. Imagine having to go through life with a name like that?!

  13. indian stallion..who are you know u want to..that's all i shall say..

  14. braydon? well that's not as bad as Beckham as one other Ch8 celebrity decided to name her son after. A last name as a first name. Genius.

    Can you imagine the chinese Beckham growing up and being a totally half-a*sed footballer?
    Yeah, plus facing the sarong and i-wear-my-wife's-undies jokes. Classic.

  15. "don't bray bray" that's a good one. Joe? Nah! Moe is classier.