Sunday, February 27, 2005

Women: Go for IT

Click the title to see an article about a movement to get more young girls to go into the IT industry which is currently overwhelmingly male-dominated. This VP from Microsoft speaks about the myths that some girls have regarding the IT industry, such as it not being very social or the jobs involves being chained to a computer in the office the whole day.

Well yep as an IT professional I can assure you that we do have very active social lives just like the rest of you. Take me for example. I lead a normal social life, work and computers aren't just the only things that I care about.

Once a week my friends and I have our Dungeons and Dragons game at my house, and we also invite women to the game as well (in case you wondering we have some homosexual thingy going on), although none of them have accepted the invitation so far; unfortunately they are never free on Saturday afternoons. Pity because I would love to show a gal my Level 12 Fighter/Mage that is kicking the butts out of the rest of my friends. But yeah I have to wait till they are free I guess. It's really strange how they always wash their hair on a Saturday afternoon though.

But of course that ain't the only thing we do. We also organize frequent visits to the zoo and the bird park. We can never get enough of watching wild animals trapped in artificial enclosures, we really relate to it for some reason.

But before you say boring, let me tell you we also go wild once in a while. Just a couple of weeks ago we had a drinking competition to see who could drink the most. I won by downing 2 Beers and a Coke. My friends were pretty impressed, now I am known in the office as "The Alcoholic".

Oh and the other myth about us staring at our office computers all day, I do not do that! Quite frequently I go to other companies and stare at their computers as well, for example during implementations. It's pretty interesting to see how their machines differ from ours, like how they partition their filesystems for example. Like who in their right mind will allocate so much space to the home directory and leave nothing for installation of software! Crazy!

So yeah I hope you gals out there now see that there is nothing wrong with working in the IT industry, we are just like everyone else.


  1. Yours seem totally alright and way cool as compared to mine.


  2. Aren't you still studying keithster? Trust me treasure your studying years. For work will blow like a cheap whore.

  3. i'm girl and i'm graduating and they told me during orientation camp that we were like 3 guys to 1 girl my year

    but i think i'm running as far as I can from IT when I get my cert (FINALLY)

    now i sound as sane as you hahahaha

  4. Anony : Eh this post is supposed to make you wanna join IT not run away from it.