Friday, February 18, 2005

The Stallion is a vegetarian

Yeah I been on a almost vegetarian diet since Monday, I only had a tuna sandwich on Tuesday for lunch that's it. Alright I had some chicken thingies at carnegies yesterday to wash my beer down but yep those were the only 2 meats I have had all week. The rest of the days I been stuffing myself with self-made vege sandwiches and vegetarian food from the food centre near the office.

Why am I doing this you ask. To tell you the truth, I ain't sure myself. But it's definitely not because of that incident in the train last week when the kid asked his mom whether I was pregnant. And it's definitely not because of the fact that my clothes have started to be a little tight around the waist area. I don't know, I think it could be because of my experience in Bangalore, it forced me to challenge beliefs that I have held to dearly for so long, especially those regarding food. I really can't explain it. I ain't sure how long I will be able to stick to this, but they didn't call me "Tenacious G" in army for nothing.

Oh and I did a good deed today. FF was having trouble getting a "friend" to return her something she had loaned to him out of good will. I had a similar experience last year so I gave her my advice. Hoping it works! Then she will probably be eternally grateful to the stallion for helping her get her beloved phone back, and ask me out to lunch or dinner to thank me, she can do so by messaging me on MSN which she can find on my blogger profile. What, can't a guy dream?


  1. holy crap!! this is the first time your Blogger comments have allowed me to comment in DAYS!!


  2. You have an awful lot of nicknames dont you? :p


  3. Ya something wrong with the comment system, it loads so damm slowly.

  4. I didn't have to use your advice, cos he just msged saying he'll return me my phone. Thanks though.

    I lost my wallet, can help me find? I'll definitely be eternally grateful.

  5. FF : Ask him when he can return you, as in the exact date. Cos my cousin also said he will return me....and then he will keep giving excuses.

    Ah hmm ya I saw the wallet in this dark deserted alley near my house. U come on over, I show you where it is and u let me know if it is the one.

  6. indian stallion (or pony) / tenacious g / albert / bert / etc,

    time to hit the gym! :D

  7. linked ya on my blog dude.
    see ya round.

  8. Hello!! I have decided to close down my blog, because Hans doesnt like me to blog and the blog is getting too much unwanted attention. Find me at okay. I will blog there. Visit me when yr free. =)