Saturday, February 26, 2005

Music News

The release date of System of a Down's new album Mesmerize has been pushed back to May 17, the original date was March 1st. Grrr now I gotta wait another 2 agonizing months, damm assholes. What, you haven't heard of them? Just the only band I know that came out with 3 near perfect albums. And I am willing to bet my ass that number will be 4 come May.

At least Mars Volta kept to their release date. Their new album, Frances the Mute, is out on the 1st of March. It's 77 minutes long and consists of 5 songs, the longest being 32 minutes long. Yup they are unashamedly prog, but they carry it off amazingly well unlike so many other bands. And if it's half as good as their previous album it will be in the running for my album of this year.

Korn's guitarist has left the band, citing Jesus as the reason for leaving. The guy feels like the way of the Korn is having a bad influence on his daughter and he wants to make music that's not only about aggression. Respect to him I say for doing what he believes in, because he's definitely gonna get a lot of flak for it if he hasn't already.

Oh Fred Durst has his own home sex video on the net now as well. Now we know why he talks so much cock, it's to compensate for his lack of cock.

And someone did a remake of MJ's Thriller video. Using Lego blocks. Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

Listening to : Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill


  1. not all ang moh has big pee pee~ hehe *sari

  2. Some more lego vidz can be found here:

  3. Hey I have that Lauryn Hill album you were listening to. Coolness.

  4. Heh Sari, seems like you are speaking from a lot of experience ! ;) Nah just teasing ah.

    Lancerlord : hey thanks ! And here i was wondering what to do on a sunday. :)

    FF: I love this album, its probably one of my top 10 favs.