Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Miss Singapore Universe 2005

I just wanna take this opportunity to congratulate my friend who made it to the Miss Singapore Universe 2005 finals. No this is not some attempt to brag about the fact that I now know a beauty pageant contestant (which isn't something most guys can say), I am just expressing my joy at her success like all good friends do. Yep it's a good feeling when all your encouragement and help has paid off, but I do not wanna take credit for her success, she did put her fair share as well. I remember those nights where I forced her to practice saying "I wish for world peace" for hours, until it sounded convincing. And those nights where I kept adjusting her top tirelessly till she showed just the right amount of cleavage.

But unfortunately things went sour between us recently. I was talking to her last week and I requested that she like mention my blog during the interview as a small token of gratitude. I suggested that for example, when the interviewer asked her what her favourite animal was, she could answer something like "I love horses, speaking of which you should visit!". But guess what, she just laughed at me and called me an idiot.

I was taken aback when she said that, I stared at her puzzled, not knowing why she was treating me this way. And then I realized something, the girl standing before me was not my friend. She looked almost exactly like her, but there was one big difference. My friend was full of innocence, this girl had none of it.

I shall not mention the person, but if she is reading this I hope you re-consider and mention me during the pageant, that's all I ask. I already told all my guy friends you will do it, so I will look like an idiot if you don't. If you don't then I'm sorry but I won't friend you anymore.

It's up to you. You have to decide which is more important, the priceless friendship of the stallion or some pageant that might or might not open up huge career opportunities for ya.
But just wanna say something, you women out there who might wanna try out for next year's pageant you know who to ask for help.

I once knew a gal
She was as pure as a flawless pearl
But fame got into her head
And she forgot all my help with her cleavage.
But despite her actions I bear her no ill will
I will always remember her as the little girl I chased around the hills.


  1. lol im soooo sorry.. but i dont think u need acceptance from pple to show how u think ?? dont u think its wrong to make someone DO somthing like dat?hopefully u see thru dat ;) peace

  2. are you like a complete wanker or something, what sane person mentions a blog site when theyre being interviewed. you want her to win the contest dont you? dont make her do stupid naive shit and lose it. in due time, she'll be grateful for your help, so sit back and wait for her

    i still dont know if youre actually being serious, cause it sounds so stupid reading it.. rofl, you sound so fucking arrogant its funny.

  3. I think you should decide which is more impt. Your friend or shamelessly trying to grab an opportunity to pimp your blog through her.

    It would seem to me that it's more important to you that your guy friends see a babe endorsing you. Now That's shallow. You put your own foot in your mouth boasting about it.