Monday, February 28, 2005

Men Part 2

from When It Hurts So Bad by Lauryn Hill

I loved real, real hard once
But the love wasn't returned
Found out the man I'd die for
He wasn't even concerned
I tried, and I tried, and I tried
To keep him in my life
I cried, and I cried, and I cried
But I couldn't make it right
But I, I loved the young man
And if you've ever been in love,
Then you'd understand

Been listening to Miseducation of Lauryn Hill for the past few days and it brought back a lot of bad memories. Yep I think it's time I come clean. Believe it or not, the Stallion used to graze on the other side of the fence at one time.

His name was Johnny, and I was completely in love with him. And I thought he felt the same. But one day he told me he had found someone else, some model called Keith. I told him I would forgive him if he came back to me, but he said he didn't love me anymore.

My world fell into pieces at that very moment. I couldn't understand how someone I loved so much could do this to me. I did everything I could for him to make him happy and I never expected anything in return. But I never expected to be betrayed, to be hurt in this way.

It was at that point I decided to swear off men forever. Because that's what men do. They treat you like a car - they use you to get all the mileage that they can get out of you, and then they trade you in for a better looking model. They aren't worth it. But they can't hurt me anymore. Because I won't let them.


  1. No wonder...

    I can feel your angst. I can empathize with your words, your pain... and I mean the pain in your heart, not the one where the sun doesnt shine.

    Anyway.. men are bastards cos life's a bitch. Sorta even things out.

  2. womyn are still the best!!
    not that i've tried men...

  3. Keith you arse.. look what you've done to the stallion.

    wait. not the same keith?

    sorry heh.

  4. Keith : Yes, i knew you would understand' I always knew you and I shared more in common that meets the eye..

    Calm One : Well stay away from them I tell ya. It will lead to nothing but heartbreak.

    Inex: Nope it isn't. He was way less handsome.