Saturday, February 26, 2005

Men! (exasperated)

Sometimes I read and hear about stuff that guys do and I can't help but wonder how those people actually do them. No I ain't talking about feats of heroism or chivalry, rather it is things like being a total perv in front of a girl you just met for the first time.

Yup she met her friend for drinks, and he brought his colleague along as well. And the said colleague was so impressed by FF's cleavage that he whipped out his phone and took pictures of it.

I don't get how anyone can do something like that, i mean what a way to make a good first impression. Or did he, using some warped logic, think that doing that would actually come off as flattering to the gal? But that's not the worst of it. She asked him to delete the pictures but the asshole REFUSED! Isn't there a law against this? To any lawyers or law students reading, is this legal? Don't they have some law to deter perverted acts with the use of handphones or something?

Alright so I am no angel myself, but at least I wait till the chick is sufficiently wasted before I take cleavage pictures and even then I do it discreetly. And if I get caught, I do the gentlemanly thing and apologize for being a perv and delete the pictures.

So ladies, if you ever go out with *NAME REMOVED*, please remember to not show too much cleavage. Unless you like your goods being displayed on or the thought of a guy jerking off to a pic of them on his phone.

p.s I am kidding about me taking pictures of wasted chicks in case you didn't realize it.

p.p.s I removed the sleazeball's name as FF has also removed it.


  1. Yeah seriously what's up with that guy anyway?

    He's giving us a bad name.

    What a mong.

  2. and tt wretched kitten lambasted u for speaking up for wat shld have been done?!?

    geez...stallion, trample the guts out of this kitten until he apologizes to FF. and get tt dickhead of a colleague to erase her photos..


  3. It's all my fault. I am a magnet to guys like that.

  4. Ha FF i hope you don't mean that.

    Keithf : Yeah now women will be more wary of exposing their cleavage to us.

    Thugchic: ah well its over. Eh you can actually leave your name and url if u select identity other

  5. i m aware of it bert..i jus dun wanna leave my url ard =p

    and i m that lazy to type my username and password..heh

  6. Babe you dun need to put in your username and password if u select identity other.

  7. dun be such a self-righteous and self-serving commentator, especially if you weren't around.

  8. Kitten : I only got one thing to say to you. Meow.

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