Monday, February 14, 2005

The Machinist

I was waiting for a friend outside the cinema entrance at Orchard Cineleisure yesterday (we were going to watch The Machinist) when I met an acquaintance of mine from work.

Acquaintance : So are you here by yourself?

I looked at her incredulously. What kind of dumbass question was that? As if I would come all the way down to town just to watch a movie by myself. Ya ok I know I am in the IT line but that doesn't mean I don't have a social life! I was gonna say all that in retort but I looked into her big brown eyes and I realized it was the same puzzled look that Boy (my dog) gives me when he knows he's gonna get a spanking but he doesn't know what he did wrong. My heart just melted and I said "No, I am waiting for a friend." Sigh the Stallion is just too soft-hearted sometimes.

Ya about the movie. Christian Bale (the next Batman) lost like 60 pounds (how many kg is that?) for his role by eating an apple and a can of tuna everyday. He plays a heavy machinery operator who hasn't slept for a year, and he starts seeing things and talking to people that might possibly not be there because no one else he knows sees them. Is it a conspiracy or is he losing his mind? The movie was pretty engaging till the end, I found the ending a little bit of a letdown to be honest. But yeah should still check it out if you are into dark and depressing movies.

After the movie, we went shopping at Heeren, the friend was looking for a locket.

Me : What kind of locket you looking for?
Her : A heart, mine broke.
Me : It's ok, you can have mine. (placing my hand over my heart)
Her : *tries to not throw up*

Ya a regular Romeo, I am.

But it ain't all bad. You know you have finally made it when the brownster mentions your penis on his blog. I never been more proud, just wanna thank my parents for procreating, without them there would be no Gargantua and no me. My mom was actually dating this Chinese dude before she married my dad, thank god that didn't work out or I would be calling it Mini(scule) Me.

I might be in the IT line
But for now it suits me just fine
Alright so I went overseas to get myself a wife
But that doesn't mean I ain't got a life
Although I think I should stay away from making corny jokes
The last one almost made a cute gal choke.


  1. Coolness, I was at cineleisure yesterday too... we might have walked by each other. ;)

  2. Oh ok. I tell you love, its fate. Let's not deny it any longer.

  3. I resent the racist chinese joke. Its not the size that matters, its the erm...ya, its not the size that matters.

    - Your corny (and hansome) Fren

  4. it seems like the endings to lots of movies have sucked lately. it's like they don't know how to end them...grrr, it's so irritating!


  5. Ivan : Whatever u say Mini!

    Dawn: Ya I havent seen a great movie since Backdoor Sluts 4.

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