Tuesday, February 15, 2005

IT breeds arrogance

A former schoolmate of mine from the School of Computing (SoC) faculty in NUS (a local university) was complaining about this arrogant twat, also from the same faculty. Apparently this guy IMs her every time he gets a pay rise/a promotion/bonus etc. , otherwise he ignores her.

And that brought back a lot of bad memories from my SoC days. There were so many of those people around when I was studying for my degree. These people were the most irritating people I have met. They would casually ask about your grades for the exams for comparison, and then lament that they are upset that they only got a A- when they should have got an A+. Or they would show off their far superior technical ability, like bragging about how they added extra functionality to their programming assignment to make it more complete, or how they finished it within a day.

But I can't blame those people now I think of it. Those guys' idea of a social life back then, and probably now, was to hang out at Sim Lim Square (a famous local IT mall). Hell even my dog had better social skills than them. But yeah that was then, I don't know if they are still that way now, I would probably think so.

Me? I was just a meek humble student. I didn't brag when I got As for my FYP or for the problem-solving module, which required huge amounts of creative thinking by the way. I didn't brag when my lecturer referred to me as NEO (from the Matrix) of the computing world. I didn't brag when I created a semi-intelligent talking robot out of plastic spoons and an old transistor radio. And I didn't brag about being president of the chess club 2 years in a row. Fine I did brag about the last one to a chick I kinda fancied but surprisingly she wasn't impressed.

Basically the point I am trying to make is don't brag about your achievements, especially if you are in the IT line, it just makes you look sad to chicks.

SoC was full of IT geeks
I was the coolest guy in there, eventhough I was rather meek
Yeah I really hated those assholes who loved to brag
There were a lot of them, it was such a drag.
But the absolute worst thing about SoC that I used to hate
Was that unlike me, almost all those losers got laid.


  1. You just BRAGGED!!! Big time somemore!! Hahahaha.. are you a closet geek? I love geeks!!!

  2. yeah, he is a bloody LOSER. *Raven forms a "L" letter wiv her thumb and forefinger and puts them to her forehead*
    L-O-S-E-R !!!

  3. ya alot of losers always get laid.
    it's amazing where they wouldn't mind
    sticking their sticks.

  4. hmm. u're my grand grand senior then

  5. Dang. I'm struggling with my FYP right now and it's at this time I need people like you to save me. Haha.

  6. anony - ya life is unfair ain't it

    solsteur - i was in the class of 99. not too long ago.

    zenjth - oh i think there are pple who would do fyp for a price, at least there were during my time.

    SPG- what closet. i never did hide it !

  7. aye post a pic in the near future leh~ =)