Sunday, February 13, 2005

I love my credit card

Yes I do. No more queuing at the cinema for tickets, only to find out that they are all sold out or only the crappy seats are left. Now I just waltz in and have over my card at the counter specially designated for visa ticket bookings and get my tickets immediately. Then I waltz away, but not before giving a smug smile to those people who are still queuing and hoping to get their tickets before they are all sold out.

Speaking of credit cards, why do they have a woman's card but not a men's. Isn't this a blatant form of sex discrimination. Aren't men entitled to equal privileges? Are we any lesser compared to the fairer sex? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you prick us do we not bleed as well? They should have a men's card that maybe offers discounts for computer games and arcades, and maybe places like Hooters and those exotic restaurants where they have those belly dancers.


  1. Actually, i think the reason why they released the women's card is because women LOVE shopping, and have been known to be impulse shoppers.

    So i think the reason behind making women feel special, is seriously so that they can get money out of them.

  2. "The women just don't get it." card? Or "For Real Men only." Hahahahahaa. LOL.

  3. Before priority booking there was already another thing known as Phone Ticketing, or Internet Booking.. ;)

    To be all smug cos of what a shit pc of plastic can do to you means you're soooo sold, exactly where the banks' credit marketing people want u to be! So, if you can, resist & refrain. It's all an illusion, baby.

  4. I have the lady's card. hee hee.

    I suppose women spend more than guys mah....

  5. ff: Who say I spend a lot on also k. Moisturisers dun buy themselves!

    whatnickname: I dun see anything smug about being happy that I have a credit card cos I make enough money to have 1 unlike most people! how dare you!

    Roxy: You should be in Marketing, dear.

    Di: But thats not all they have. They have great discounts at pubs. clubs, bars etc. Guys go those places also mah.

    Inex : Err nice pun. almost as good as "you can have my heart" joke (see next post). :)

  6. Ahaha, but if no women at the pubs, you think guys will go anot?!