Monday, February 14, 2005

I got a date for Valentine's day

Yes I do ! Screw you losers who are gonna spend today at home, unlike you people I have a life. If you can't even get one person to go out with you on this special day that comes once every year you might as well go and die!

Alright fine, my "date" is at Bedok Army Camp. Yes I am going to be rubbing shoulders with around 100 other sweaty male bodies as we try to get our bodies combat-fit in case Singapore ever goes to war. Ya I failed my annual physical fitness test so gotta go for this damm Remedial Training 3 times a week. But since I missed 3 lessons during my Bangalore trip, I will be doing it 6 times this week including make-up lessons. A lot of people think it's a waste of time but not me, I am proud to serve my country, even on Valentine's day.

But I might still get a chance to celebrate V day in the traditional sense, there's this middle-aged madam in the camp who has been checking out my sweaty glistening body the last couple of weeks as I train on the track, I can just tell she wants me really bad. I have decided that I shall ask her out if she's around today. Alright so she looks like she's been either pumped with testosterone or was formerly a man, but at least I can say I had a date on V day so that I don't seem like a complete loser like the rest of you all! Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for rubbing it in... now I'll go kill myself.
    Ok, maybe not...
    Enjoy the date, don't screw it up by being an egotystical bastard.

  2. You cannot pass the running test because your humongous slong weighing you down issit ?

  3. n.m : The word ego ain't even in my dictionary.

    Anony: Yeah that's basically it, it's like carrying along a 5 kg weight attached to your groin. Didn't wanna say it cos I didnt wanna sound egoistic. But Im glad you figured it out.

  4. remember u bruise easily. U really want to ask that testosterone-pumped middle aged woman for a date?


  5. cool! good luck with the she-male!!



  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you!! =)

  7. I salute you on behalf of the nation for your dedication

  8. Cheeky : Majulah Singapore !

    Hot Sari Chick: Ditto, love.

    Hot Dawn: It didn't go as well as I thought.

    Hot Thug Chick : Yes I still have the bruises to show for it.