Friday, February 25, 2005

Computer Engineers go insane

I feel sad everytime I see one of my kind losing it. It reminds me of how fragile my own current state of mind is. But that is the risk we take when we join the IT industry.

Most people don't realise how noble the IT profession is. What other job requires the worker to sacrifice his social/sex life and risk his mental health, just so that your software/hardware works the way it should? So the next time you see a poor IT worker on the street, I hope you at least will be able to recognize the saint behind that geeky exterior. Give him a hug or something, he deserves it.

Click the link to see this sad story. This was taken off Slashdot.


  1. I love people like you, because Im not a net savvy. When my com turns screwy, I get so frustrated and you people become my darling angel~

  2. *hugs* thanks for putting up with dummies like me. :)