Saturday, February 05, 2005


The Bangalore airport is the worst I ever been to. Firstly, there is only ONE departure gate for all outgoing international flights. And it's not even a gate, more like a door. Passengers from my flight as well as another flight that was heading to Sri Lanka were all cramped together in front of the gate, it was like one bloody mass orgy.

But that's not the worst part. That honor belongs to the fact that the damned airport was infested with mosquitoes. And I really mean infested, I have not seen this many mosquitoes since army jungle training. My flight was delayed for half an hour so I and my colleagues spent 2 hours in the waiting area feeding blood to the local insectlife. We even had a contest to see who killed the most mosquitoes, I came in second with 2 kills.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity we boarded the plane, and 4 hours later I was back in good old Singapore. I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked out of the airport. It was good to be back. Back to the safe roads. Back to the clean air. Back to my mommy who has been worried sick about me the whole week.

I took a cab home, had a quick bath and laid on the bed, dead tired. But I couldn't go to sleep, something started bothering me. I had this weird feeling that I lost something. I figured that I might have forgotten something back in Bangalore so I got up and went through my luggage. But everything was there. I sat for a few more minutes trying to recall what else I could have lost. Then it hit me.

It was my heart, she still had it with her.

Note to thyself : Bring a mosquito repellent for future trips to Bangalore.

In Bangalore Airport I just sat there and watched,
As a mosquito sucked blood out of my crotch
I didn't do a thing to stop it,
Even when my groin started turning white.
For it didn't really matter how much blood I lost,
Because I was already dead inside.

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