Thursday, January 06, 2005

Taking 2nd chances

Yes after a brief hiatus I have decided to put myself on the line once again. The last experience was truly excrutiating and it's something I definitely do not want to go through again. To tell you the truth, I have been looking back at it in anger and disappointment for the past week.

It's hard when you spend so much time and effort on something and it just turns to be a complete waste of time. But after much thought I told myself that I cannot, and should not, let my actions be influenced by just one bad experience. Or two. Sooner or later one of those experiences will turn out to be a good one, it's the law of probability.

Yes I have decided to go to the cinemas again. I will be watching 'Meet the Fockers' later this evening. I am kinda nervous, even afraid that it will turn out to be just like my last experience. But they don't call me Stallion for nothing. I take chances and uncalculated risks. That's what I do. That's who I am. You will know by tomorrow whether my gamble paid off.

The brownster had a post about the possibility that the government has started cracking down on downloading of huge amounts (+100MB) copyright material including mp3s and anime. Man what a way to start off the new year. All I care about is whether or not porn fall into this category as well. If you do know, please tell me ASAP. I'm only asking....err...for a friend, sis (if you are reading this). Till then I will tell him to download 90 MB max. each time.

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