Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I love accompanying women when they shop for clothes. Don't get me wrong , I hate shopping. I hate it like I hate lying deceiving scums who screw me over when I least expected it. Oh sorry we were talking about shopping here. "Why then do you like accompanying women when they shop?", you ask. Well it's good that you did. I shall tell ya.

The good part is when the women go into the changing room to try on the clothes while you wait outside the door. For that couple of minutes, you know that gal friend of yours is taking her top off just a few feet from ya, only separated by a door. That's just one of those moments that guys live for. And usually I would recommend the most whore-ish clothes for them to wear. They usually try them out and let me see them in it for my opinion. After I had my fill of ogling, I will then make an innocent remark about how it might be a little too revealing for her. So basically I would be the only person who would have seen her in that whore-ish outfit! How ingenious/cool is that!

So ladies, the next time a guy friend seems really eager to accompany you when you shop for clothes, you know why. Yes I know what you are thinking and I agree, men are pervs. And I am one of the better ones.

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