Friday, January 07, 2005

Review: Meet the Fockers

I didn't really love it to be honest. Most of the jokes were pretty lame. Jesus at one point it seemed like they were trying to see how many Focker jokes they could make in a space of 2 hours. Well it's definitely hell of a lot I give them that. Other jokes involve a baby cursing repeatedly and a dog humping everything it can gets its paws on. Check your brain at the door for this one.

But yeah there were a couple of funny moments which I will not divulge here, but they are few and far between. Overall it's a barely passable movie. My advice is to watch it on the weekdays and pay 6.50. Anything more would be a waste. But that's me, most of my friends who have seen it think it's funny as hell.

Been listening to two really amazing albums, Crimes by Blood Brothers and Steal This Album! by System of a Down. The latter was an X'mas present from a cousin and it turned out to the best one I got. They are officially my favourite band right now, all 3 of their albums have been nothing short of mind-blowing and I can't wait till their new album comes out later this year. And I also been salivating in anticipation of Mars Volta's new album which will be released in March. It's gonna be an album with a single song that is gonna be 70 minutes long. Well Mars Volta are nothing if not ambitious.

Yup looks like it's gonna be a great year in terms of music.

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