Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rejecting women (cont.)

Thanks for the feedback regarding my last entry. But I am no closer to a solution. Some women said they would rather be told directly. Others said it would be rude and a better way would be to ignore her calls/smses/emails till she gets the hint. So I am back to square one, so I shall continue with my "Bye! I will call you *wink wink*" method. The wink is to momentarily confuse them about whether I really meant it while I make my escape. Whether they are still confused after that doesn't really matter because I am never seeing them again.

And there was an "interesting" idea of using forms by Dawn. I actually think it could be a rather good idea if both parties are willing. Both parties could, at the end of the date, give comments on what they did like and didn't like about the other person. Like some chicks seem not to like me picking my nose even if I am polite enough say "excuse me" before I do it. Or some of them get offended when I accidentally rub their leg with mine under the table repeatedly. (FYI I have a disorder that causes my leg to twitch) It would be good because you could learn from your mistakes and not repeat them on your next date.

Of course it should be constructive criticism. I don't mean the "you are so ugly even my grandma wouldn't date you" kinda criticism. That's just cruel and insensitive - I don't do that anymore. Now I just tell them something like "Maybe you should show more cleavage so that it draws attention away from your face.". That's what you call constructive criticism - don't just criticize, offer helpful suggestions as well.

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