Tuesday, January 04, 2005

One for the ladies

I have a question for the women. Let's say I go out on a date with a chick, and at the end I decide I do not wanna see her anymore for some perfectly justifiable reason (like maybe her boobs aren't big enough), then how do I let her know that in the nicest way possible?

I do not wanna be an asshole and tell her I don't wanna see her anymore. But I do not wanna give her false hope and tell her I will call her when I ain't going to. For guys its alright we are used to rejection. K well I am at least. One gal I was interested in told me there was completely no sexual tension between us and I shouldn't bother anymore. Yup true story, she was the brutally honest type. But yeah I wasn't too bothered by it. She actually thought I was crying after she told me, that stupid woman, I was like "hello haven't you heard of dust? Not everything that happens is because of you!"

I think there should be a sign that lets the gal know that she didn't make the grade. Like for example, at the end of the date I could tell her I will call her. Then as I am walking away from her I will flash her a V sign. The V sign will let her know that I was basically bullshitting and that it was the last time she would see me. But at least she wouldn't feel humiliated or degraded.

So what do the gals think? What you like the guy to say if he doesn't wanna call or go out with ya anymore?

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